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Cheap electric fuel pump Willie Moore Streetrodding

Cheap electric fuel pump Willie Moore Streetrodding. Sometimes I am not sure if it is the cheap fuel pump or the sorry gas that causes the issues with these. The pump ran but would not pump. Installed a new pump today and now we have life off.   They are cheap but usually last a while. Willie Moore


  1. Willie Moore says:

    Issues all around

  2. Jay Bird says:

    Fuel has been putrid lately. I just had to put a pump in my Mini Cooper. Filter was black and the filter well was full of residue from dissolved rubber gasket.. I do like the creativity of the comination of the pump and a vintage Ford filter....gotta love ot lolol

  3. Jeffery Johnson says:

    That style pump has to have air flow around it as they overheat other wise ! That's the problem with those.

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