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Rat Rod Alley 07292016

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Rat Rod Alley 07292016 StreetRodding.com as we finish up another great July car show season is in full swing. Get out there and enjoy a show or two. StreetRodding.com


Rat Rod Alley 07122016

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Another Great Edition of the Rat Rod Alley 07122016 presented by StreetRodding.com you online hot rod community where Rodders Hang Out.


Rat Rod Alley 07022016

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Rat Rod Alley 07022016 StreetRodding.com Many Will argue that the only proper finish for a hot rod or Custom is a good flame paint job. I personally love them all from bright candies to the old patina with clear coat. I have noticed that many of the builders have adopted the growing trend of a natural (or natural-looking) surface rust. It really depends on the car, and the owner's preference. The neutral or natural look fits many of the cars that are being built today. It really does not mat


Rat Rod Alley 06222016

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Rat Rod Alley 06222016 As we head into the dog days of summer the car shows are the best when they are held in the evening. In Texas a lot of the car show events are from 6p-10pm so we can beat the heat. Get out there ans support your local shows and take a close look at all the rat rods rolling around. Support your local Rodders.


Rat Rod Alley 06152016

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Rat Rod Alley 06152016 How to build your rat rod in 10 easy to follow steps. 1. Acquire the car of your choice. Any make or model that you desire. 2. Remove the interior or most of it anyway. 3. Remove the body from the frame if you are planning on frame modification. 4. Set up your frame and chassis. Stock or updated your choice. 5. Install the motor and transmission of your choice. Or use the stock one that the car came with. 6. Get the motor running and the brakes working. 7. Sand


Rat Rod Alley 06082016

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Rat Rod Alley 06082016 Presented by StreetRodding.com. What is a Rat Rod there are many different answers to this question. To me a Rat Rod is a rod that is totally build out of spare parts, is super Rusty and has a lot of Holes. There are a lot of cool rides that folks call Rat rods that are really just nice rides by my standard. I would classify these Rides as nostalgic rides. Cool to look at, User friendly to drive, Have a few options as power steering or power brakes and can be driven by jus


The End Of May Rat Rods and Babe Month

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May has ended and Streetrodding.com has added the Rat Rods & Babe photos for your enjoyment. Remember to become a Streetrodding.com member today!


The End Of May Rat Rods and Babe Month

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May has ended and Streetrodding.com has added the Rat Rods & Babe photos for your enjoyment. Remember to become a Streetrodding.com member today!


Rat Rod Alley 05262016

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The Coolest, Wildest, Weirdest Rat Rods Around The Coolest, Wildest and Weirdest Rat Rods around and we love them all! If you have a Rat Rod share your photos on Streetrodding.com!



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MAY IS RAT RODS & BABE MONTH at StreetRodding.com. May is a great time of year to get out and visit a car show or two. The weather is great and there is a show just about every Saturday close by. Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment.At StreetRodding.com we support all car shows large and small.


Rat Rods and Babes

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May is Rat Rods & Babes month at Streetrodding.com! Admire a shot of two beauties all in one photo from Streetrodding.com.


Rat Rod Alley 05102016

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Rat Rods are the latest addition to cost effective Roding. Who could imagine these rusty jalopies, Old Beaters and beat up cruisers derisively dubbed “rat rods” would become a whole subculture? If you have ever been to one of these shows you will see exactly what we are talking about. Born in America in the 70’s rat rods have become popular all over the world and people that build and enjoy these cars have adopted the term in a positive connotation. If you know nothing about rat rods, here’s a


Rat Rod Alley 04202016

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Rat Rod Alley 04202016 Presented by StreetRodding.com. Wow what a great time we had at the lone star round up. This weekend we will be in Texas City Texas at the Monster Rod show. There will be many Rats, Muslce cars, Street Rods, Hot Rods a Pin Up Girl contest and live music. We hope to see you there.


Rat Rod Alley 04122016

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Rat Rod Alley 04122016 Rat rods a plenty at the Lone Star Round Up. Here are a few of the photos from the show. StreetRodding.com Rat Rod Alley 04122016


Rat Rod Alley 04052016

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As we get ready to head to Austin Texas for the Lone Star Round Up we are super excited. The show is one of the best if not the best in Texas. My favorite by far. I hope many of my felow StreetRodding.com members are able to make the trip. See you there.


Rat Rod Alley 03312016

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As we get ready for the Lone Star Round in Austin Texas we will be seeing many Rats. The show is one of the best you will ever attend. We have made the show the last eight years and will go as long as the show is going on. We hope to see you there. StreetRodding.com Rat Rod Alley 03312016


Rat Rod Alley 03232016

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Rat Rod definition: A Rat Rod is a newly developed name for the original hot rod style of the early 1950's. A Rat Rod is usually a vehicle that has had many of it't non-critical parts removed. They are usually finished in primer or paints that are often period correct. They are very often a conglomeration of parts and pieces of different makes, models and after market parts. The term "rat rod" was first used by the high dollar, show cars guys to describe the low-buck, home built drivers. Don't


Rat Rods Alley 03152016

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At StreetRodding.com we believe You can spin it any way you want – talk about years, makes, components, paint – whatever – and it still comes down to that. I don’t care who coined the term or when it was first used. This is what it is now. A rat rod is a blue-collar hot rod. Period. THAT is FACT. It’s not debatable. Everything beyond that? Open to interpretation, and that’s what makes the rat rod scene so fun and inviting. The fact of the matter is that a rat rod is the working-class answer t


Rat Rod Alley March 8th 2016

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In the last decade the largest craze in the hot rod world has been a very interesting trend known to many as Rat Rods. The hot rods that are built in this particular fashion are commonly known for being highly exaggerated versions of 1950’s style Jalopy hot rods. By highly exaggerated jalopies, we mean cars that are built to look poorly done on purpose, usually thrown together from old junk parts, and are usually poorly constructed as well as being built with little regard for safety. Ask the av


Rat Rod Alley 03032016

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Another great edition of Rat Rods for the Rodders at StreetRodding.com


Rat Rod Wednesday

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Another great edition of Rat Rod Alley heading your way from StreetRodding.com. Super windy day here in Texas. Looking forward to the Lone Star Round up in April.


Tuesday Great day for a Rat

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What a great Monday at StreetRodding.com world head quarters. Here is another edition of some great Rat Rods for a great Tuesday Morning.


Happy Thursday Rat Rodders

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What a great day at StreetRodding.com world head quarters here in Sunny Texas.


Rat Rod Alley Wednesday

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Looks to be another great day in Texas. Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment. The weather has been great here and car show season is already kicking off. We will be in Tulsa at the Rod and Custom show February the 19-21st


Rat Rod Friday Boys

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Rat Rod Friday Boys What a beautiful day here in Texas and looking forward to a great Weekend at StreetRodding.com World Headquarters


Rat Rod Alley Happy Monday Everyone

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As we start a new week I hope all StreetRodders are doing well. All is Great at StreetRodding.com World Headquarters

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