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Ignition Lock Assy

How do I get the lock cylinder out of my early 1970s GM column? I have a new lock cylinder, I thought it would have a little spring loaded C-clip that I could just slide over. nope. Anyone know how these typically come out, and the new CYLINDER gets slipped in? My ignition keys are worn down to a nub.


  1. ron whipple says:

    Google it and then watch the you tube vidieo. Depending on year as their is two different types.

  2. Jim Mothershead says:

    I have done amany. You must have the key in the switch then call me................... Jim, 410 474 2244, East Coast School of Hot Rod Hard Knocks

  3. Jim Mothershead says:

    Gene Did you get it done ? Jim 11/28/21

  4. says:

    No Jim I did not. I have the wheel off, and the locking plate. Have the turn signal switch pulled back a bit, and can't get the tab depressed. Heck I can not even see it. Contemplating screwing a dent puller in the thing! LOL very frustrating. I'll keep at it. LOL That column resembles a 1988 Firebird column if you ask me...

  5. says:

    Now I think I have a mess. The chrome thumb turn collar fell off. So now I have a lock cylinder in there. What fun!

  6. Jim Mothershead says:

    Gene You do not have to remove the steering wheel. When all else fails = 410 474 2244 Jim, School of Hot Rod Hard Knocks, since 1957

  7. says:

    I got it. Of course I had the wrong cylinder in-hand. However, Summit fixed me up in a couple days.

  8. Jim Mothershead says:

    Gene Glad you got it out. Put some goose grease on contact parts before you install the new cylinder. Happy Holidaze Jim

  9. says:

    I was just about to break out the muffler-gun when I got it. How in the world someone ever steals a car is a mystery to me...

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