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First car was a

In August of 1968 my first car was a 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS. Sierra Tan with Saddle Tan interior. 396 Turbo Jet (325 HP), Muncie 4 speed (Wide), 3.31 Posi (12 Bolt). Power Steering, Tinted Windshield, SS Hubcaps. Around 41,000 miles. The car had single exhasut. Yeap single. first thing changed was exhaust. and 7 inch crhome reverses with F70 by 14 Wide Ovals Red Lines. We have one back but it is small block (350) and power glide. 3.08 open (12 Bolt), 8 inch Vette Rallys. and Yeap daul exhasut with headers. 396 and muncie is in the garage but not in the car. that was fun thank you stano41


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    My first car was in 1977 or 1978. It was a 1972 MonteCarlo, and I dove it to death. Cool car, and mine had the optional fender shirts, which you almost never see now. They made my Cragar wheel look even more special. Chevrolet did themselves a disservice for long-term sales by placing foam in the wheel lips of carts of this era -rust! And ya know what, I never forgot it, not forgave them. My first collector car was also a daily driver for a long time, and it was a 1956 BelAir. The first really nice collector car I ever ended up with was a 1967 Mustang couple. It had a blown 351 Cleveland in it when I got it, and found a little old lady for a donor car that had a slightly used 289, and automatic that I transplanted. A couple new fenders, and a paint job at Maaco and I was all set. Was a good car for a long time. My dates always seemed to comment about the car too! LOL

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