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change tri power linkage
How do I change this tri power linkage just a little bit. I need to move it's at rest position about 1 16th of a turn forward. The rear carb arm is just barely hitting the linkage assembly that bolts to the manifold on my Y Block. If you have ever seen a y block with an automatic, this is not something a person needs to be trying to reengineer. Looks like there are two allen screws on each arm, but I have zero instructions.

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  • GeneF
    Oct 24, 2018 at 8:18 PM

  • Fuel pump came today, and it is on. Started the engine and warmed it up. Secondary carbs linkage is currently removed (Just the one rod that kicks it in at 55%).

  • GeneF
    Oct 20, 2018 at 2:37 PM

  • Well it's on, and I had it fired up. Some things to ask about:

    I had to drill a hole in the bar that connects to the shaft for the primary carb. When I pushed down on the accelerator I could not get the primary carb to open up more than about 40%. Drilled a hole closer to the shaft, so that a push of the accelerator makes more aggressive action. (i.e., shorter makes for more throw with the same amount of pedal depression). So, for now, the secondary progressive linkage(s) is not hooked up. Does it really matter the clock position of the arms at rest, as long as they are 1) both closed completely until the get kicked open? 2) don't bind or hit anything? 3) open 100% on WOT? I'm thinking about back carb staying at 1 o'clock + (I had to move it to clear the pedal assembly linkage), and the front carb at about 2 o'clock. When it goes full throttle by hand, it plainly is pinchin' the spring. It's a hard pull that last 2 or 3 % full open. Just doesn't seem good to me.

    Any thoughts on them both opening at what % point primary throttle opening? My tri-power provider like 50 55%. I tell ya, I'm wondering if something around 70% isn't better. It's a 57 Retractable, with one of the factory optional gears. The thing way a zillion pounds. It also had the accelerator at 70 MPH beyond 50% (I\I'm guessing) pedal travel when it had the factory 2-barrell.

    Waiting for my new fuel pump, the current one is leaking, and my venta-pane assemblies have not came back from the shop yet. Meaning I don't wanna take it for a spin, and have my front windows ratteling around...

  • crdnblu
    Oct 7, 2018 at 9:05 AM

  • Google this PDF; it might help:

    [PDF]Tuning the Stromberg 3x2 Progressive linkage - Stromberg 97

  • tazhog54
    Oct 6, 2018 at 8:51 PM

  • You should be able to adjust the linage by unscrew a couple turns of the heim joints there should to keep it tight so it doesn't unscrew be a nut on the linkage to the heim joint .

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