Has Anyone seen one eye Don

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Has Anyone seen one eye Don
Has Anyone seen one eye Don


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  • will547
    Apr 10, 2018 at 9:40 PM

  • Does anyone know if you are supposed to install wood blocks between the body and frame when building a glass street rod?

    Part 6: Install Body To Frame Pads & Blocks
    Install wood body to frame spacer blocks to body if used. Most 1926-31
    steel sub framed cars and 1932-40 Pickups use hardwood spacer blocks.
    Most Wescott 1928-31 bodies are designed to use modified original style
    wood blocks. The Wescott 1926-27 Roadster, 29 Hiboy, and 1931 coupe
    floorpans do not use wood blocks.
    Reproduction blocks can be easily modified to fit Wescott bodies or blocks
    can be made up from “scratch”. Place the body upside down and sand the
    top of the block for rough fit with the bottom of the floorpan. We use a
    36 grit disc on a 5” rotary sander. Scuff sand the block mount area on the
    floorpan and glue using an epoxy or other suitable adhesive. When the glue
    has hardened, sand the block until flush with the lower edge of the body.
    Glue or staple 3” strips of chassis welt to the block at body mount location.
    1932-1934 Passenger cars used a rubberized fabric pad between the body
    and frame. We recommend using a continuous strip of “chassis welt”.
    1935-36 Passenger cars used rubberized cork and rubber body to frame
    pads. 1937-48 Passenger cars used rubber body to frame pads. 1940
    Convertibles used a thick (appx. 1/4”) steel pad with a thin rubber pad. This
    type of rigid mount at the cowl and door post is necessary for good door
    alignment on Convertibles. Rubber pads at these mount points simply allow
    too much flex.

  • will547
    Apr 9, 2018 at 10:17 PM

  • Heard rumors that one eyed Don had issues installing all the necessary fender bolts due to having only one good eye.

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