Filling in hood two piece seram

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Encinitas, CA

I would like to fill in the two piece hood seam on my 52 Plymouth.
I have only chance of doing it right the first time. I know as soon as heat is applied, it will warp, this is what I am hearing. I am thinking about auto body epoxy to fill the strip between the two hood pieces. Any thoughts, or how to weld it without it warping? Thanks for any info. Stan

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  • tazhog54
    Sep 2, 2018 at 5:49 PM

  • Cool and weld only 1/4' AT A TIME cool between welding 1/4 weld, cool /1/4 weld,cool/ , if your using a wire feed welder Cool mean wet rag put on weld . Weld From one end to the opposite other end back and forth . If that make sense . I've never warped panels doing that way . It's a pain but it works . I've cut panels out of the middle of hoods and replace metal due to engine fire's in hot rods

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