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A Small Brake Issue - advice please

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OK, I need a little help. It's probably something simple.

1992 Vette, with ABS. I put on new pads and rotors all the way around. I opened the bleeders because I didn't want the fluid backing up in the ABS system (I think there is a pump...)

The back pads have a little sensor tab on them, and the inboard pads are specific from side to side. I know this because I got one in, and noticed on the next wheel that it didn't match EXACTLY, so I stopped and switched it out.

Then I ...

build advice

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ok, I'll try & be as specific as possible....I bought a 1949 ford custom with a 1970 sbc 350, a 700r4 w/manual OD out of 1992 chevy p/u. 1972 maverick 8" rear w/3.00 gears, a 3 link rear suspension, 92 chevy rack & pinion & a saginaw power steering pump. Cherry bomb's where the advice is needed....the motor leaks & burns oil, no issues w/trans or rearend but if I get 383 crate to replace (no brainer for the $), should I upgrade the 8" rearend? new trans even though nothing wrong...

Shoebox Central Supporting Vendor

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Welcome to the new Shoebox Central store! Please take time to register your account on the new site for access to Forums and other features.

Shoebox Central will ship parts internationally. Email us at or give us a call at 405-259-9222 and we will ensure you get the best shipping rates possible. Visit their web site today Willie Moore

Thank You

Shoebox Central...


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1948 F1 pickup- + 1937 DODGE D5 BUSINESS COUPE--
LOOKING for A SHOP around ST.LOUIS MO / ST CHARLES MO area that someone has used + is-NOT- a rip off for prices + labor.
or someone that does this work on the side and is dependable with good references
1948 f1--need total bed/fenders/inner bed/lower volance-/tail lights-/ tailgate/-ect... replaced
1937 dodge--need drivers/psgrs front windows/tracks (going electric hopefully) + ac/heat unit on dodge.
both are flat black -rat...

Need a clamp

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Just like a helping hand from time to time we need a helping clamp......

Olds Question

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I'm looking at this picture of a 1961 Olds and I'm wondering about the headlights.

We had a 61Starfire convertible with a different configuration.

Just wondering if a different model had a different arrangement or is this custom? Looks like a 59 or so to me.
No problem, I think this car is beautiful the way it is.................just curious that's all.

Have a wonderful day everybody!...

Bring a saw

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For sale is a small block 350. Hasn't run in a while , but is definitely able to with some time and effort.
Don't low-ball me, I know what I have here. Bring a chain saw....


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So, I heard about these on a hotrod forum, checked them out on their website and decided to order two for my Edelbrock dual quads on my SBC. Ordering was easy Dan and Jaimie are both very nice people to work with and the shipping was extremely fast (2 days). These are very nicely machined and finished.

Today I installed both POWERBLAST plates into my carbs, installation was easy, took about 30 minutes total for both carbs (for some it ...

1932 Ford Thermostat Change

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1932 Ford Thermostat Change . The 32 runs up around 200 in traffic and pukes out a little water. The 32 has a electric cooling fan and a walker radiator sized for the 32 grill shell. The current thermostat is a 180 degree. I pulled the stat and running in the garage the temp still climbs to 3/4 on the gauge after idling for 20 minutes with the fan on. What are you thoughts on the next step to keep it running cooler?...

Brake return spring

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New Product :
So your pedal doesn't come back or for that problem of the brake light sticking on ! Really you should have a return spring on your brake pedal and not relying on that little spring in the master cylinder to return that brake pedal ,not safe ! Another Problem Solved !!!...

1955 Chevy Rear End

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1955 Chevy Rear End. Bought a 55 Chevy last week. Rear end was suspect. Pulled it apart last night and found that one of the spider gears had failed. Too many burn outs. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Does it matter which side for PCV

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I'm really squeezed for space to run a hard line (or rubber) from the driver's side of the engine to the PCV outlet on the carb, so considering putting the breather on the driver's side with the PCV on the passenger side. Engine is a hopped up 430 hp GM crate engine. (350 Any documented reason that this won't work? I've seen opinions about engine rotation and flinging oil etc, but not sure that is a real concern....

1932 Ford 390 Cadillac 3 2 Barrels

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1932 Ford 390 Cadillac 3 2 Barrels. Having issues with the front and rear carbs. Currently running off the center. I pulled the rear and font carbs apart and cleaned and reinstalled. Still having issues with the carbs flooding. The floats are good with no leaks. I am looking for replacements carbs. What are your thoughts? Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Winter over

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Just when you thought winter was over....April 14th. 55 degrees yesterday, 60 tomorrow. Tiday... a blizzard....

Steering Issues

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Steering Issues. I bought a 32 sedan with a Gordon Schroeder steering assembly. When the car is sitting on the ground the steering wheel is very hard to turn. I mean very hard. I jacked up the car and the steering wheel is a lot easier. Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done to help with this? I have greased all the fittings and King Pins. ...


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I HAVE A 1986 CORVETTE tune port motor.that will start but dies in about 3 seconds. It has 43 lbs. of pressure off the shrader valve where you check the pressure. If you spray fuel or either through the front it will run until you quit spraying. I have put a new fuel pump in it. What makes the injecters open and close is that the computer or fuel pressure. Some times while cranking the fuel pressure drops to zero but jumps back to 40 when you turn the key back on. Last i just pulled a plug t...


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Close call

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Close call. Once in a while it happens. In the industrial world this is called a near miss. Could have been much worse. Willie Moore...

Roger Cooper possible scam

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Found a very nice looking 62 Olds Starfire advertised at $19500 with photos in Kenosha WI. Supposedly Roger Cooper was selling assets to avoid foreclosure on his furniture refinishing business. Told me car was located in storage in Seattle WA and would be shipped upon receipt of the $19500. Asked for more photos which, he sent. Asked him if the car had a working A/C system. His reply was " blows ice cold air". Thought that was strange as the photos of the dashboard did not indicate vents nor...

Upholstery Complete

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Nice to see the interior finished up. All leather with ostrich leather accent panels, Mercedes carpeting, Ultra Suede headliner. ...

1950 Mercury Progress update

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1950 Mercury Progress update. Removed the fuel injection set up. The Merc was running an old GM EFI set up with the high pressure pump, ECM, O2 Sensor and the EFI Dist. I installed a new Intake, Edelbrock Carb and an HEI Ignition. Installed a low pressure electric fuel pump. Runs much better than with the EFI system and easy to fix on the road side it needed. ...

1950 Mercury Progress Dash

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1950 Mercury Progress Dash. I removed the dash, Removed all the old gauges, Installed new aftermarket gauges and reinstalled the dash. I have done several of these old Mercury's...

Dodge Ram 3500 Top radiator Hose

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Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins Turbo Diesel. Top radiator Hose. My Ram has 65K miles on it and the plastic T that connects the three top radiator hoses together started leaking. The best repair is to replace the plastic T with a new billet aluminum aftermarket T. Problem solved Willie Moore

Shotgun shifter

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I have seen shotgun shifters in big rigs but not in any hotrods. Does anyone have such a shifter installed? I'd like to see unique and original shifters and shifter grips as well as gun related shifters....

Fire Protection

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Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors

Hey guys, what kind of fire extinguishers do you have in your car(s), if any?

Do you have a smoke detector, and fire extinguishers in your garage?

Fire Extinguishers:
I have a cheap one I got a Menards which is not much more than a cylinder of powder I can dump on a fire in my ElCamino. I might have one (Menards) under the seat of my Model-A. My streetrod has a small A-B unit like you would use on a boat. People say the usual A-B-C units a...

Small failure

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Small failure looking like the drive shaft has a small issues...

Crank case filter 2013 Ram

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Crank case filter 2013 Ram. Based on the standard maintenance I changed out the crank case filter on my dodge ram. The dealer wanted $350.00 to change out the $60.00 part I bought online, The total job was about 30 minutes. The old filter looked great. ...

1951 GMC Continued

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1951 GMC Continued. We have the new rear set up and in place. Still some work to do to finish out. Installed 2" lowering blocks and did a ride height test with some old wheels and tires. Waiting on a few more parts so I can begin the turbo 350 install. Willie Moore ...

1950 Mercury Progress continues

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1950 Mercury Progress continues. Bought this 50 Mercury a few days ago with the transmission slipping. Sounds like the pump was going out. A loud grinding noise coming from the transmission. I pulled the 700R and I think I am going to order a turbo 350 long shaft from TCI to replace it. The Merc has the throttle body injection set up that was pulled out of an older Chevy car. I am removing that as well and going back with a standard Edelbrock Carburetor. I am a fan of the old and easy simple t...

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