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No E15 in your Classic Ride

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My car is older than 2001. What should I do?

Don't fill your fuel tank with E15, simple as that. Even though the new fuel is coming to market, the gasoline or E10 you fill your tank with now will still be available. There is a twist, though. At gas stations that use blender pumps (a single spout that dispenses all octanes) you'll have to purchase at least 4 gallons of E10 to insure any E15 in the hose is diluted to safe levels in your fuel tank. Fuel pumps will be required to have a 4-inch-sq...

See if you can answer

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See if you can answer. Greatest country with the greatest people in the world. ...

Pro Street Thursday

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Pro Street Thursday Nothing like the big tires and the smell of av gas

Willie Moore ...


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Good morning, Willie
Just tried to load a pic in Dad's Day blog = no luck.
Thanx Jim
I will try in this blog...............

Ford vs Chevy radiator configuration

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Can someone help my understand this? According to the Speedway catalog, a Ford engine ( I am assuming this means like a 289/302) needs a lower outlet on the left side (drivers side) and a Chevy takes it on the passenger side. However the 289 Ford engine that I am installing has the water pump outlet on the right side (passenger side). Also, a small block Chevy has it on the right side. I ordered a radiator that is said to be the Ford configuration,and it won't work, left side outlet. Should I ha...

Happy Fathers Day 2018

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Happy Fathers Day 2018 I hope all you fathers are out there having a great day. You have worked hard to get here and deserve to have a great day. Eat a little, Drink a little and just enjoy. Willie Moore ...

Shoebox Central Supporting Vendor

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Welcome to the new Shoebox Central store! Please take time to register your account on the new site for access to Forums and other features.

Shoebox Central will ship parts internationally. Email us at or give us a call at 405-259-9222 and we will ensure you get the best shipping rates possible. Visit their web site today Willie Moore

Thank You

Shoebox Central...

Painless Performance Products Since 1990

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Visit our supporting Vendor Painless Performance Products - Since 1990
Celebrating 28 years as the leading manufacturer of automotive electrical systems, components, & EFI products serving the classic car/truck, off-road, & racing markets.

JJ at it again

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In between painting doing some fiberglass work on a T- Bucket glassing fiberglass body to plywood floor getting straight on the frame...

Custom Big Block Water Outlet

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Custom Big Block Water Outlet. Check out the custom filler plate added to the water outlet on this Tall Deck Big Block Chevy. It works....

Making Progress

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Making Progress Neighbor working on his classic rode Willie Moore ...

Steering Column Heat

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This has been a problem for years and years !! Finally a simple and easy solution to STOP all the hot air,dust,fumes from coming in the interior !! And one can be installed inside to finish off the interior and STOP the radiation heat warming up the steering column coming up from the engine compartment too ! Takes less than a hour to install !...

Absolute Sheet Metal Video

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Absolute Sheet Metal Video. Paste the link below Model A firewall replacement. Willie Moore become a member today

Absolute Sheet Metal New Supporting Vendor

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Absolute Sheet Metal New Supporting Vendor

Great folks check out their web site today

The name may be new to you
but many of the products
produced by Absolute Sheet
Metal, LLC in Chino Valley,
AZ have been around since the
early 1980s with new items being added
to the inventory frequently. Jeff Hill and
his wife Sheryll are the proprietors of
this growing company which opened its
doors in January of 2012. They fabricate
replacement sheet metal for Fords and
Chevrolets from the 1...

Father's Day Show in LA

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Just a little up date as the show was taken over by John Buck last year as he is a promoter of car shows/ As the people went out there said it was very poor attendance for cars and people ! I for one drove my 32 roadster out there with my Austrian side kick Rodney Frood and the rest of the Great Gray Beards ! When we got there to enter every time we have been there, they pretty much tell you where to park and make you park about 5 feet from the next car over ! That should of been a clue ...

Beatersville Louisville KY

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Beatersville Louisville KY. While in KY on vacation just happened to hear about a local show happening on Sunday. Great show, Cool cars, Great entertainment and lots of good food. Here are a few photos. Willie Moore ...

Shock Mounts Wow

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Shock Mounts Wow. How do you like these shock mounts. I have never seen anything like this. Looks like it works but you just never know. ...


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Your threads are working the old daze.

Happy Memorial Day 2018

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Happy Memorial Day 2018. Take a minute and remember all those who have went before us while enjoying this great holiday. Willie Moore

The Hot Rod Restoration Workshop

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Kustom Built Cars is fostering the automotive aftermarket restoration industry for the next generation. Learn valuable skills at this Hot Rod Workshop, building a classic/custom car from start to finish. This 5-month workshop gives hands-on training which includes the evaluation of a project, disassembling the car, rust repair, metal work, body work, basic suspension work, basic engine rebuilding, basic welding and fabrication, painting, color sanding, assembly of the car, and electrical wiring....


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I have an ididit ignition switch (w/acc) and was told the problem might be with the faulty switch. No problem starting and all gauges work... but upon restart following a drive, none of the gauges work. Even the speedo/odo!
Anyone had an experience like this and what might be the issue.
Ignition switch doesn't seem logical to me.

Attn Jim Mothershead

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Hey Jim,
Are you going to be there?

Looks like the 100 mile cruise will be rained out this weekend!
Remember, it take me 100 miles just to get there. My car is a little difficult to drive in the rain and I don't have a windshield wiper. (Been driving this car for 43 years now and haven't found time to install the wiper yet!). Put in about a dozen engines since then though.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

Hanging in Kentucky for a Minute

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Hanging in Kentucky for a Minute. I love this part of our great country. So many cool things to see and places to go. Taking a few minutes before starting my nest project. ...

New Here With 37 Plymouth

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Hi all, new to the site.

I have always built my own cars in the past, but decided to purchase this time due to a lack of adequate shop and lack of time due to work travel schedule. Found a nice older all Mopar build that offers a great starting point to massage to my liking. 37 Plymouth coupe with a 360 Magnum / A518 transmission. Purchased in Detroit and driven back home to Plano, TX.


upload 3 pix

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Hey, Willie
I just tried to upload 3 pix simotaneously in a luck.
Please advise.
Thanx Jim 410 535 1933...

In a name Stephen Stoner

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In a name Stephen Stoner. I bought a couple of nice cars several years ago from this guy in PA. Stephen Stoner. He called a few weeks back and has a 1955 Chevy he wants to sell me. We agreed on a price of $17,500. I told him I would take the car and asked him to send the wiring information. I did not hear from him for a week and then there was an email. Said another guy had looked at the car and offered him 18K. I said OK so now you want more than the agreed price. The days are gone when a man'...

No Grease failure

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No Grease failure. Amazing what happens when you have no or low grease in the rear end. ...

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