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Tune Up Time

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Tune Up Time. Sometimes something as easy as changing a set of plugs makes all the difference on how well your classic ride runs. I have always used AC Spark plugs in all my GM motors. For some reason champion or NGK plugs in a small block just does not sit well with me. They just do not preform as well. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

1937 ford sedan rear shocks

  Views: 392   Comments: 16

I’ll start off with saying I’m new here. My father (LPS37) used to post here after he first got his 37 a few years ago and got a lot of help. I remember him talking about Shine(?) and Jims mothershead (I thinks those were some names of some guys that helped him out with things). Unfortunately my dad passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago...way too young. I’ve had dads 37 now for 2 years but haven’t had it in me to use it the way dad would have liked. I’m finally starting to use it more and...

Vintage Air A great Texas Based Company

  Views: 75   Comments: 2

Vintage Air A great Texas Based Company. Please take a minute and visit our supporting vendor Vintage Air. I have been dealing with street rods for years and Vintage Air is by far the premier leader in AC Systems. They also have the best customer service in the industry. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

Who Knew

  Views: 59   Comments: 1

Who Knew tie wraps had so many uses... Willie Moore Streetrodding...

1949 studebaker

  Views: 265   Comments: 8

Here is my new ride a 1949 studebaker truck with a small block chev and 200 o.d trans. it has P.S.--P.B. heat and air. Not a show truck but a nice crusier. It needs different whells and wide whites. I will try to post a picture...


  Views: 51   Comments: 3

Little disappointing only a few dozen cars listed on after signing up, looking for a 32 Ford'

Thanks, Frank...

1934 Ford chin bar

  Views: 150   Comments: 1

Ok, yes I like it better with out the chin bar ,But replacement grills are up so expensive $3500.00 and Drake's aren't making the re pop grill from what I have heard as everybody is on back order! Mine is a Dan Fink and over $5000. worth So I'm putting on a chin bar from McMillian Hot Rods from Marshfield,Wisconsin and a real nice piece of Stainless Steel Polished metal . Three holes to drill in the side plate .As it goes in the factory bumper holes. I Clamped it on with some vise grips a...

Making new rubber boot seal for 67 to 69 Camaro

  Views: 184   Comments: 6

Tired of that ugly looking steering column seal in the engine compartment and it falling apart and leaving hot air,dust,fumes coming in the interior ! New one in design that will be ready for shipment the time this article comes out ! Same price as the other rubber boot seals and also allows to trim to any size columns and also offer inserts to dress it up more. Like Polished Stainless steel insert or Satin Aluminum finned insert or also offered in Polished  In the picture  the trim...

Holley idle help needed

  Views: 670   Comments: 20

I finally got my '37 finished and on the road, but can't seem to sort out my idle with the Holley 770 Street Avenger. I run an electric fuel pump with regulator and it sits at 6lbs steady. I set the primary throttle blades so the bit of transition slot that shows is square, about 30 to 40 thousandths. I've open the secondary throttle blades to be open just a crack, barely noticeable. I've tried adjusting the secondary throttle blades probably 20 times from where it idles at about 2000, right...

Titling When Body Frame Engine Different Years

  Views: 89   Comments: 1

Are there any sources for requirements that states have to title a "hybrid" antique car. As an example what problems would I have putting a 36 car body on a 78 car frame with different year drive train? ...

Axle Bearings Ford 9 Inch

  Views: 196   Comments: 0

Axle Bearings Ford 9 Inch. Bought a Street rod with a Ford 9 inch rear and passengers side axle was leaking gear oil. I pulled the axle and the bearing had a dust cover on each side but no seal. There was a lot of RTV silicone packed around the bearing. There was no oil seal in the inner housing. I would guess that the silicone was all that was stopping the leak. So after some research I replaced the old axle bearing with a new bearing that has an O ring on the exterior of the bearing and a seal...

Our supporting Vendor American Autowire

  Views: 93   Comments: 0

Visit our supporting Vendor American Autowire . American Autowire is one of the best wiring harness solutions. The customer support is great and these guys are willing to help in any way needed. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

Shoebox Central Supporting Vendor

  Views: 1147   Comments: 6

Welcome to the new Shoebox Central store! Please take time to register your account on the new site for access to Forums and other features.

Shoebox Central will ship parts internationally. Email us at or give us a call at 405-259-9222 and we will ensure you get the best shipping rates possible. Visit their web site today Willie Moore

Thank You

Shoebox Central...

Tire issues

  Views: 185   Comments: 0

Tire issues. Sometimes we just do not realize how old the tires are on our Street Rod. Many times the tires have been on our ride for years and the tread still looks great. Here are a few photos from an old set that came off a car that was still being driven. One tire is new and the other is the old one. Look at the difference. Hard to believe these two tires are the exact same size.

Willie Moore Streetrodding...

1955 Chevrolet Pick up

  Views: 158   Comments: 1

OK i get a call from another shop, for some help on this truck ! They asked me, you work on some different stuff ,we got a job for you ! ! My first thought was ahhh NO,NO ! OK, I'll come and look at it ! So I drive over to the shop and look at the truck ! Nice looking 1955 Chevy truck ! They tell me No Brakes pedal to floor, and there are NO E- Brakes brackets or cables all missing ! They tried ordering wheel cylinders for the year of the truck but nothing matches up ! They tell m...

HeyJim Mothershead

  Views: 306   Comments: 4

Hey Jim,
I see that you mention that you are a lifetime member of NSRA.

Just curious, what is your number?

Mine is 507.


Drum brakes

  Views: 311   Comments: 4

A 1996 chevy rear end in a street rod with drum brakes. Have been driving it for 7 years no problem. Now when you drive it the brakes adjust their selfs out and get hot and gradualy slow you down. You have to take the drums off and turn the stars back. If you leave it sit and cool down you can drive it for another 20 miles again with out doing anything. What is causing this. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR RESPONSE....

A little work this evening

  Views: 301   Comments: 6

A little work this evening. Nothing like a quite evening in the shop working on an old ride. A of course a good cigar. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Matching Wheels why not

  Views: 232   Comments: 3

Matching Wheels why not. I not sure what look the last owner was going for but I think the matching wheels look much better. He may have had the two Rocket mags laying around and did not want to spend the additional $500 for the other two to make a set. ...

Ready for the 50th Street Rods Show

  Views: 395   Comments: 5

Well the big grand daddy show is coming once in a lifetime ! Where ya say !!! At the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville,Kentucky . August 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th of 2019 !
I hope to see ya there, as I'll be in my booth 507-508 B. And I do have extra chairs to sit a spell ! Yes this is a big show and maybe to big , you probably won't see all of the cars and trucks ,but it would be a great try!!!! And maybe it will be the last show you go to, as we are the gray hairs of the sport and we are ...

Just takes a minute

  Views: 195   Comments: 0

Just takes a minute. Check out these spark plug retainers installed by an old hamber. I went ahead and ran new cut to fit wires and new retainers for a much cleaner look. Just takes a minute Willie Moore Streetrodding. ...

Hood sides back on

  Views: 143   Comments: 0

Hood sides back on . It now looks complete with the hood sides on. Part of the latch was missing so I had to order those in to get the job done. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

Auto Shippers

  Views: 463   Comments: 1

Auto Shippers. If you have a car you need shipped contact our supporting vendor door to door. The process is trouble free and I have been using Roy for many years. This 1932 Ford was just shipped in from VA. Picked up on a Thursday and at my home on Saturday. Thanks again Willie Moore...

Tri Power Linkage

  Views: 713   Comments: 6

How do I change this tri power linkage just a little bit. I need to move it's at rest position about 1 16th of a turn forward. The rear carb arm is just barely hitting the linkage assembly that bolts to the manifold on my Y Block. If you have ever seen a y block with an automatic, this is not something a person needs to be trying to reengineer. Looks like there are two allen screws on each arm, but I have zero instructions....

Ignition switch

  Views: 344   Comments: 10

Put a new Peterson Mfg 4 stud ignition switch on my '29 chevy streetrod to replace one going bad. Does nothing after installed, no grunts, no sounds ,nothing. Put the old back on and at least gives some sound, clicking. Put the new one back on and still nothing. Attached the wires on the new as they were on the old, even tagged them with tape to be sure of correct installation. Any ideas as to what I have done or need to do....

Best weld job ever

  Views: 361   Comments: 4

Best weld job ever. I would bet someone was driving this car and then it was torn down for what ever reason. Would have only taken a minute to clean up this mess. Nice sub frame add on. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

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