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Upholstery Complete

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Nice to see the interior finished up. All leather with ostrich leather accent panels, Mercedes carpeting, Ultra Suede headliner. ...

Plant City CRUISE

  Views: 68   Comments: 2

just a little m monore statue...

Plant City CRUISE IN

  Views: 106   Comments: 4

Just another beautiful DEC. day in florida,one of the guys checking out marlin Monroe { statue }...

Johnny Cash Special Adapter Plate

  Views: 126   Comments: 1

Johnny Cash Special Adapter Plate, Installing a Turbo 350 Transmission on a 1955 Chevy straight 6 required the use of an adapter plate, New Flywheel and updated started. Progress continues. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Speedi Sleeve and Seal

  Views: 94   Comments: 1

Speedi Sleeve and Seal. I have not seen one of these in years. I was looking for a new pinion seal GM 10 Bolt and was not able to locate one. I looked over the yoke again and noticed the speedi sleeve. No wonder I was not able to find a seal that fit. Removed the sleeve and imagine that. The seal now fits... How many of you even know what that is??? Willie Moore StreetRodding...

1951 GMC Continued

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1951 GMC Continued. We have the new rear set up and in place. Still some work to do to finish out. Installed 2" lowering blocks and did a ride height test with some old wheels and tires. Waiting on a few more parts so I can begin the turbo 350 install. Willie Moore ...

1951 GMC Rear Install

  Views: 138   Comments: 1

1951 GMC Rear Install, We set the rear end in place today. Have the new spring perches that we ordered and getting ready to tack weld. We have the angle set and measurements from side to side. Looks pretty good overall. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Oil Filter Comparison

  Views: 176   Comments: 3

I watched this on U Tube

Just a nuts and bolts comparison of components, not a study of flow rates or filtering ability.
But it was enough to make me change every filter I own.

If the link does not work, search for DoRight Fabrication and oil filter comparison...

1951 GMC Rear Pulled

  Views: 93   Comments: 1

1951 GMC Rear Pulled, We pulled out the old stock rear end today and will be installing the new rear end in the next few days. I have ordered the new spring perches and the u Bolts. I think we are going to add 2" lowering blocks while at it. ...

1957 Chevy Rear

  Views: 158   Comments: 1

1957 Chevy Rear. Getting ready for the next update on the blue 1951 GMC truck. We will be removing the stock rear end and replacing with this 57 Chevy rear. New bearings, New brakes, New drums and pinion seal. Will also be updating the manual transmission with a turbo 350. Do any of you rodders have any feed back on this upgrade??? Willie Moore StreetRodding...

My list is complete

  Views: 200   Comments: 5

My list is complete. I bought a 59 El Camino yesterday. Merry Christmas to me. Happy holidays my friends may all you dreams come through. ...

1936 chevy COACH

  Views: 543   Comments: 18

Here are a couple pics...

Great weather ahead in Texas

  Views: 77   Comments: 0

Great weather ahead in Texas We have had a few good days and looking forward to an early spring....

New Year

  Views: 164   Comments: 2

I want to wish a Happy & Healthy New Year to every one on Street Rodding. Com...

1934 Phaeton

  Views: 1547   Comments: 39

Well been 30 years plus that I owned this car and just keep pushing it to the side and building something else . Now redoing the top as it's been used for a shelve over the years not that anybody would do that . So cut the bent bows out and welding new bows in as this top was made from scratch 25 years ago , Now laying up some fiberglass for the edges and got some flat panels from a fiberglass place that made some boat tops . ...

Shoebox Central Supporting Vendor

  Views: 495   Comments: 3

Welcome to the new Shoebox Central store! Please take time to register your account on the new site for access to Forums and other features.

Shoebox Central will ship parts internationally. Email us at or give us a call at 405-259-9222 and we will ensure you get the best shipping rates possible. Visit their web site today Willie Moore

Thank You

Shoebox Central...

Visit our Supporting Vendor JJ Best

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Our customers are consta...

Lost Box Blade Really

  Views: 165   Comments: 0

Lost Box Blade Really. So I am looking for a new ride and stopped by a house that had a 1950 Mercury under a lean too. I stopped and no one was home. Here is a really cool photo that shows how long the Mercury may have been under the lean too. I do not think the box blade has been used in a week or maybe two. ...

Lost Coil Spring

  Views: 140   Comments: 2

I have been looking all over for this bad boy. Now I can finish building the front chassis.......

Merry Christmas Rodders

  Views: 163   Comments: 6

Here we are in December, the month that wraps up the year and leaves us happy with an occasion to partake in holiday festivities. We'd like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you this year. It's been a privilege. We hope to serve you in the coming years, too.

Have a Merry Christmas and much success in the year ahead!

Willie Moore StreetRodding


Help Finding info on an old show car from the 70's

  Views: 118   Comments: 2

This Touring T named T-Toy was purchased late 70's or early 80's. If anyone recognizes it please respond. It has jag rearend, Ford small block, C4. It is built on a tube style truss chassis like the Lil John Buttera Touring T Revelle created a model of. The car is virtuallu unchanged since then. Stored indoors for many decades....

Foamy Oil in new Crate Engine

  Views: 730   Comments: 9

I pulled the valve covers off my new crate engine this morning (it's Chev 350, 385 hp version that GM bumped up to the 430 hp version for me and I changed the cam after that. It turned 456 hp on the engine dyno).and found heavy foam on the inside of the valve covers. The car hasn't been on the road yet, but the engine was broken in on the engine dyno. I did have the intake off to change the cam, otherwise, nothing has been touched. It's had maybe an hours worth of running in the car while se...

Garage or operating room

  Views: 289   Comments: 3

Garage or operating room. That is once clean room Willie Moore

Proper PPE for the job

  Views: 288   Comments: 4

Proper PPE for the job. Most of the time some folks never really think about the negative things that can happen until they happen. The old saying is no story ever ends well with the starting line of HEY WATCH THIS...

chasis frame

  Views: 227   Comments: 2

1929 chevy 4 door sedan , iam looking for a custom maker chasis frame for my car . please advice...

More Photos

  Views: 140   Comments: 2

More of OC Oct 2018...

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