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The art of the deal Willie Moore

The art of the deal Willie Moore. I sold my 1934 Ford to a couple from Lake Charles this morning. It is good to see there are still a few folks who do what they say they are going to do. They showed up, Looked at the 34, Drove the 34 and then made the deal on the 34. I appreciate it when folks know what they want and how to make it happen. Thanks again

Willie Moore

New TRI 5 Radiators

AutoRad Radiators
4647 Jim Hood Road
Gainesville, GA 30506
Ph. 770-983-1345

For Immediate Release

AutoRad Adds E-Series Option for Tri-Five Chevys

Style and function are often at the top of the list when it comes to selecting parts for our builds. Unfortunately, often budget limits us from adding what we really want. It is with this understandng that AutoRad Radiators designed their new E-Series option for Tri-Five Chevy enthusiasts.
The new E-Series off...

Old Skis used as bed wood

Old Skis used as bed wood. This did take some time to do but the results are great. Jimmy went around and picked up old skis from garage sales and other locals. Then used the skis to install as bed wood in his 1951 GMC. Looks great and he did a great job getting it done. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Cruising the Coast 2018 StreetRodding

Cruising the Coast 2018 StreetRodding. Spent the week in Biloxi and what a great time. So many cool cars of all makes and models. The weather was great and the casinos were nice and cool. Good times and great friends... ...

An amazing thing

An amazing thing. As we travel around I do see that the issue of cell phone overload in moving up in age. It is not just the young folks these days that are fixed on their phone 24/7 but the older generation is getting in to the trend as well. Who said you can not teach an old dog new tricks. From time to time I feel myself getting into that trend a little. I just do not see how folks who are not running a business spend so much time on their phone. A year back I was at a hotel buffet for breakf...

Letter from a Fellow StreetRodder

So last night about 3 am I was listening to Free Bird and hauling a load of sand through the heart of West Virginia and I started to think about the things I’ve seen and done since the whole Trump presidency legacy started.

When I was 19 I got on a plane and flew into Oklahoma City, hopped into a semi and drove to Texas where I started a 6 month journey zig zagging my way through the heartland (I was custom harvesting which is ag exempt so I could cross state lines under 21). These 6 months w...

The best place to live Texas

Here are just a few reasons why Texas is the best place to live these days.

With 50 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Texas and a strong energy-oriented economy, the state is one of the best places to find a job.

Each of the top Texas cities enjoy projected job growth rates more than double the median in our data set of more than 500 U.S. towns and cities — a draw for workers seeking employment.

“Texas is the exemplar of the fast-growing region where mobile America still i...

1934 Ford Goes to Neederville Texas

1934 Ford Goes to Neederville Texas. As we go around to car shows and other hot rod events we meet great folks that are just all around good people that share the same ideas. The love of classic cars. Recently I sold a 1934 for that I have known for the last four years. Mr. Mosley in Neederville Texas is the new owner. He and his wife are great folks and I am sure they will enjoy the 34 Ford just as much as the past owner/builder Mr. Daily. There is just something about the 34 Fords that sets th...

1951 GMC coming back together

I picked up this 1951 GMC truck a few weeks back with a friend of mine. He had been looking for an old truck for several years. He located this truck in a man’s garage here in Houston Texas. The truck was all apart, had not ran in 5 years but most of the truck was there. The best thing about the truck was the almost rust free body that someone had already done all the body work on. The body was in primer and super straight. We loaded the truck and brought it back to my shop. We Unloaded the truc...

Franklin Murrell a good story indeed

Ok, I sold my Trans Am and got paid to deliver it to Arkansas. Nice Saturday road trip. Then I find out that I can pick up the bug I'd bought in Tupelo on my way home, double score because I'm already pulling the trailer. Then, when I'm nearly home I spot this 62 Falcon wagon and I make a deal on it! It's a SUPER Saturday for me! So inside of a month I've sold 2 cars and have bought 4. $7300 in, minus $1800 out, that's $5500 to the good AND I have a bigger inventory. I don't know why people stil...

National Naval Aviation Museum Florida

National Naval Aviation Museum Florida StreetRodding. We just got back from a great trip to Florida. Spent a few days in Pensacola. While there we visited the National Aviation Museum and wow what a great place to spend the day. So much to see and do you will need a full 8 hours there to see it all. Here are a few photos. Willie Moore ...

Road Trip To Florida

Road Trip to Florida. As usual when I am planning a trip in the US I always look around and see what cars might be for sale in the area I am visiting. It is an old habit that I just cannot break you might even call it an addiction. While on a trip to Panama City Beach last week I found a 1967 big block Chevelle and as a bonus it has a 4 speed. So I went ahead and left a deposit on the Chevelle. I was driving my Toyota Tacoma and had no way to get the Chevelle home except drive it. I really did...

Banks and scammers

Banks and scammers. Here are a couple of bank changes that I have learned about this week. Did you know that you can not deposit cash in someones bank account unless you have an account at that bank? I tried to deposit cash into a friends account and the bank would not take cask. I had to get a cashiers check before the bank would accept the deposit. The bank is Wells Fargo and they said it is a new policy. Never heard of such a thing but I was told all banks are adopting this practice. I was al...

Just for Men PSA

I have heard many times that as a man if I live long enough this will be something that I have to deal with. Here is a letter from a friend of mine in Kerrille Texas that he wants to share. Please read it and maybe it will help.

I offer the following information to all of my friends and relatives, who have already been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (PC) or will be in the future, if you live long enough, in the sincere hope that you will pay close attention to the information and begin drinki...

South Carolina Bank Issues

South Carolina Bank Issues. I have bought and sold hundreds of cars all over the us. Most of the time I when I am making a sell the transactions are handled by bank wire. I recently worked a deal with a man in South Carolina. It was a trade deal and he was paying some money to close the deal. He went to his bank and they would not allow him to wire me the money. I have never heard of a bank dictating to a member how they are allowed to spend their money. I called the bank and also had them go to...

Woodford Reserve Paying it Forward

Woodford Reserve Paying it Forward. This is great Whisky brand that is severed as the premier bourbon at the Kentucky Derby

Woodford Reserve has announced a new partnership with the James Beard Foundation, furthering its commitment to bringing the culinary and spirits industries together.

The partnership includes a sponsored scholarship for beverage studies and sponsorship of the “Outstanding Bar Program” award given annually at the James Beard Awards. In addition, Woodford will be a premi...

A few Key tips on your Money

As we are all getting older here are a few things that we need to look at.

Key takeaways
Put together a list of financial accounts.
Name your account beneficiaries.
Plan for the worst-case scenario.
Make sure you and your partner know where important documents are.
Many married couples suffer from a failure to communicate. A recent Fidelity survey found that 1 in 7 couldn't accurately report their spouses' employment status.1 More than 4 in 10 couples disagree on when to retire—and more ...

Cynthia Sauceda Cooper Garage

Cynthia Sauceda Cooper Garage. Kerry and his wife Cynthia have a great collection here in Houston Texas. Great collection and what a great shop in their back yard.

Willie Moore ...

Constructions costs are escalating

Constructions costs are escalating due to tariffs on a wide range of building and road construction materials, said the Associated General Contractors of America in a new analysis of Labor Department data.
The producer price index rose sharply on construction inputs in June. Aluminum mill shapes jumped 20 percent year-over-year, copper and brass mill shapes 17.4 percent, and steel mill products 12.3 percent. Diesel fuel was up 52.8 percent. June's increases follow sharp price spikes on other co...

What say you

What say you. I have been buying and selling hot rods and street rods for many years. As of late when I am working on getting a hot rod sold it seems like it is just not as much fun as it once was. Most folks act like they are buying a million dollar property. Not sure what has changed since the days of a just a few years back. Is it just me or have the times changed. Please comment on this post Willie Moore ...

Mooneyes Open House! Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

You know summer’s officially in full swing when the annual Mooneyes Open House rolls around. This Saturday, Norwalk Boulevard in Santa Fe Springs will be crawling with hot rods, customs, lowriders and choppers as we celebrate one of our hobby’s most iconic speed shops.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. there will be music in the air, burgers on the grill, and all sorts of specials and other cool stuff to check out in the shop. And of course there’s never a shortage of eye candy in the lot and cruising ...

New Supporting Vendor Kool Mat

Please visit our New Supporting Vendor Kool Mat.

KOOLMAT® is a high temperature composite insulation, consisting of densified silicone, cured directly into the surface and weave of a fiberglass mat. The materials are mechanically and permanently joined together during the manufacturing process without adhesives. This technique makes KOOLMAT® a truly homogenous one of a kind product, which will not separate, tear, or easily puncture. KOOLMAT® is so unique that a U.S. Patent protects it....

VIN Plates all Makes and Models

VIN Plates all Makes and Models. We all have bought old cars mostly street rods without VIN plates on them. Some of the older rides from 1970 back also have had issues with missing VIN plates. Here are a few examples of after market VIN plates. Call Jim at 410 474 2244 and he will be happy to discuss your missing VIN plate. He can offer a solution for just about any issue. Willie Moore ...

Lone Star 2018 Final Entry

Lone Star 2018 Final Entry. The dog days of summer are back in Texas. We had a great time at the show. I hung out with my friend Kenny Daily from Ardmore and and Frank Tucker from Odessa. A couple of great guys who always make the shows a lot of fun. Good friends and good times. Ready for next year Willie Moore

Bob Klessig has passed away

We are heartbroken to learn that our good friend Bob Klessig has passed away . He was a fixture at so many car shows across this country and one of the most genuine, down to earth sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. Always a fixture at the greatest show in Texas the Lone Star Round Up. Our deepest condolences go out to his family......

Damn the luck Bartons 1792

Wow I was just there a few months ago.

Thousands of whiskey barrels crashed into a massive heap Friday when a large section of a decades-old storage warehouse collapsed at a distillery in the heart of Kentucky bourbon country. The damaged warehouse at the Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown held about 18,000 barrels, and it appeared that up to half the barrels inside were affected, the distillery's owner said, per the AP. "We are assessing how many of the impacted barrels can be recovered. . ...

Wrap Up The LA roadster show

On Father’s Day weekend, hundreds of hot rods and customs took over the Pomona Fairplex for the 54th annual L.A. Roadster Show. Although the show is not as big as it was at its 50th anniversary, we were glad to see a diverse mix of cars ranging from roadsters to tail dragging lead sleds (and everything in between)....

Painless Wiring the Industry Leader

Why use Painless Wiring?
It's a lot more than circuits and wire!
How often have you seen advertisements for wiring harnesses promising, "21-circuit kit for the low, low price of...?" What do you get for that low price? 21 circuits and yards of colored wire? Is that all you need, and exactly what makes up a proper wiring harness, anyhow? Well, it's a lot more than just circuits and wire. A wiring harness is, first and foremost, engineering. At Painless, all of our harnesses are designed by real...

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