Franklin Murrell a good story indeed

Aug 19, 2018 3:18 PM - 412 Views

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Ok, I sold my Trans Am and got paid to deliver it to Arkansas. Nice Saturday road trip. Then I find out that I can pick up the bug I'd bought in Tupelo on my way home, double score because I'm already pulling the trailer. Then, when I'm nearly home I spot this 62 Falcon wagon and I make a deal on it! It's a SUPER Saturday for me! So inside of a month I've sold 2 cars and have bought 4. $7300 in, minus $1800 out, that's $5500 to the good AND I have a bigger inventory. I don't know why people still question my business skills when it comes to my natural passion. I'm working towards Team Murrell having a banner year. I'm glad that the Lord is rooting for me because this is turning out to be a great year, happily married and business picking up.

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