Ford Flat Head Ignition Upgrade

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Ford Flat Head Ignition Upgrade

The Ford Flathead V8 is the original Blue Oval hot rod engine. Produced from 1932-1953 in the U.S., this iconic engine is the oldest of the three vintage applications we’re talking about in this article. It still enjoys a healthy aftermarket presence, so it’s not really a surprise that the application is covered by Performance Distributors.
The Ford Flathead still enjoys a healthy aftermarket. The Performance Distributors D.U.I. offers a significant power increase over the stock points-style ignition.
“We got a lot of phone calls and emails from customers wanting to upgrade their Ford Flathead ignition systems,” Davis says. “That made this application a no-brainer.”
The Ford Flathead was a points-style ignition from the factory, with shortcomings similar to those of the Nailhead.
“Another problem with a points distributor is that you have to run a resistor to prevent the points from burning up,” Davis explains. “The resistor reduces the input voltage to the coil down to 10 volts or less, whereas the D.U.I. likes the full 14.5 volts from the alternator.” It only makes sense that the more voltage that goes in, the more voltage that can be put out.
Again, like the Nailhead, the stock plug wires are another bottleneck in the ignition system, with the low-resistance, 300-350 ohm-per-foot Live Wires being worth six to eight more horsepower on the Flathead, with the D.U.I. installed

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