2000 Pontiac Firebird - $22,500.00

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2000 Pontiac Firebird Pontiac T/A Firehawk SLP
2000 Pontiac Trans Am Firehawk

Starting way back in the 60's muscle car era the Pontiac Firebird has been a staple in the car world. It ran along side the Camaros, Mustangs and other muscle cars of its day. Things however took a turn with the fourth generation which would later be known as the last of the Firebirds. In fact, Camaro also ended at the same time but were recently reintroduced. There is no indication of the Firebird following suit which makes cars like this 2000 Trans Am one of the last in a long list of Pontiac Performance cars. This Trans Am is a bit more special though. It belongs to a class of Firebirds known as the Firehawk which was a limited edition car built by SLP and sold through dealerships. These cars received some cosmetic upgrades as well as more power and better handling. You have to remember that not everyone knew these may be the last of their kind so many of these cars were driven hard with no plans of keeping alive forever. So to come across one in such nice shape is really considered a good find. SLP also added to their later collectability by keeping production of these special editions considerably low. In fact, only 741 2000 Firehawks were produced and out of those only 78 were the Convertibles. Still not impressed? Well what if we add that the car is 1 of 18 in the popular Navy Blue, 1 of 7 in this color with this transmission, and 1 of 4 with this color, transmission and the Auburn differential. So there is no doubt that if you are cruising around in this the likely hood of passing another is very very rare.

This car is build #0639 and was completed between 05/04/2000 and 06/09/2000. This can all be easily verified by searching the VIN through "Special Vehicle Engineering" which was formerly known as SLP. The car has 54,000 original miles and has been very well cared for since new. The paint is in good condition with a nice slick finish. Everything works well and the Tan power convertible top with glass window is in good shape as well. It really needs nothing but a new owner to give it a good home.

The drive train on these cars was very well done and features the LS1 motor that would change the car world forever. These motors are easier to tune and were lighter and more powerful. They began life in the Corvettes but were quickly adapted for use in the Trans Ams and Camaros. It is really one of those motors that marks a piece of automobile history because these motors are still widely used in the car customizing world. Unfortunately there are probably a lot of Firebirds out there missing motors which have been taken to put in a custom classic. In fact, it is pretty much a guarantee that there is someone out there right now working on one of these engines to drop in an old Street Rod. They have definitely become the trend and speak to the fact for how well they were built and perform. The engine is paired with an automatic transmission that moves through the gears smoothly with no problems.

The interior is the original Tan and is in great shape. One thing that adds to the desirability of these cars was that you were basically driving a C5 Corvette but that no longer meant you had to leave everyone else behind. A back seat is very convenient to have and although not necessarily the roomiest in the world offered plenty of extra space to take your friends along with you. The dash is the original Black and all of the stock features are there. It hasn't faded which is just another thing that points to a caring conscientious owner that wanted this car to last a long time. The car has all the power options, a nice running AC/Heat system and a AM/FM/6 CD changer. Of course it also comes with the special edition SLP Firehawk car cover which is neatly stored in the trunk.

Take this collectable Firehawk home for $22,500.00!

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