1987 Cadillac DeVille - $7,950.00

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1987 Cadillac DeVille 87 Cadillac Sedan Deville
1987 Cadillac Sedan Deville

When the 6th generation of Cadillac Devilles rolled around in 1985 they shared some of the style of previous generation but were drastically shortened as they switched to the new FWD C body platform. Cadillac was still all about luxury though providing a smooth ride with all of the latest and greatest technology. Cadillac was undoubtedly a status symbol reserved for those that wanted something that offered a little more class than just wheels to get you from point A to point B. The old Cadillacs have become quite collectable and this 87 Deville is a beautiful example of one of these cars. It has racked up only 14,270 miles since originally purchased and has been extremely well maintained since new. It is a very cool piece of history and comes with its original owners manual, warranty booklet, and of course the Gold Key delivery system booklet. This was a exclusive program designed to make your Cadillac purchase just a little more special. It includes the 2 sets of "gold plated keys" as well as some other perks. Seeing this piece of marketing history is very cool and a nice conversation piece. The car is painted in its original Blue paint that has a really nice shine. Custom wheels have been added to it but the original set with tires does come with it. You will notice them pictured in the trunk and rear seat currently.

Under the hood is the original HT4100 4.1L V8 motor. It runs extremely well and starts up smoothly. We drove the car 30 miles back to our shop before photographing it and it performed flawlessly. Being extremely low mileage the car has a lot of life left in it but it was also just gone through to ensure that no issues have arisen from not getting driven regularly. Around $4,000 was spent getting it in ready to go condition. This includes new tires, a new battery, new shocks/struts, new heater hoses, a new belt, new oil paint and gasket, new camber kit with alignment, and a full service with new oil and coolant. The AC system was also completely gone through with a new compressor, accumulator and lines. That service alone cost $1,224.66. The result is a great running car that should drive just like it did off the showroom floor.

The interior is its original Blue and is in excellent shape. It is what you would expect in a car with such low miles that has been cared for like this one has. It was clear this car was some ones pride and joy. It has been left mostly untouched with the only thing needing attention the headliner. It wasn't that the material was in bad shape but it had started to sag in certain spots which is common in cars from the 80s. It was totally redone bringing it to the level of the rest of the upholstery. The power windows and power seats are working properly as are the gauges. The trunk is in good condition as well and is currently being used to store the additional wheels and original jack.

This is a really neat car and checking it out you will feel like you just walked in to a 1987 dealership. We can't think of anything it needs currently other than a new home to care for it like it has been since new.

Bring this cool Caddy home for only $9,850.00!


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