1956 Chevy Bel Air - $46,000.00

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1956 Chevy Bel Air 1956 Chevy Bel Air
1956 Chevrolet BelAir

Everyone has their favorite year for BelAir and if the 56 is yours then this car is a great candidate. Not only is the car in great condition, it was special ordered with all of the add ons you could possibly think of. From the tissue dispenser inside to the continental kit on the back this classic 1956 Chevrolet BelAir has it all. All of these little details are pretty rare finds and make the car really stand out when sitting next to other 1956's. The Black and Silver paint has a beautiful finish and graces the straight body nicely. Fender skirts are mounted to the rear just adding to the more streamline appearance these cars were meant to have. All of the stainless and chrome work is in immaculate shape and this car has much more then your standard BelAir. The continental kit utilizes a different style bumper in the rear and the front bumper is also the larger deluxe series as well. As for the trim you will note in addition to the typical hood ornament this car was accented with spears over each front fender. The car even has the original front visor which really sets it apart. Blue dot taillight lenses were an add on along with the eyebrows over the front headlights because you can never have too much chrome. The gas filler is still hidden in the taillight like they were originally and is always a unique feature people like to check out. Factory steel wheels with wire spoke hubcaps that have been triple chrome plated are found throughout but the standard style of hubcap was used on the spare. If the car doesn't feel nostalgic enough already, curb feelers are in place to help you keep those new Coker wide whites radials looking great.

The car is a very fun cruiser and is kept running smooth via the new fresh rebuilt 327V8 motor and new fresh rebuilt Turbo 350 automatic transmission. The motor is equipped with a Edlebrock aluminum intake, a Edlebrock 650cfm 4 barrel carburator, HEI Electronic Ignition and Ceramic Coated Headers.

The interior is the original style upholstery work complete in a pale green and black. It has a split bench seat up front and standard bench in the rear both of which are comfortable and offer plenty of leg room. The dash has the original look and all of the correct chrome knobs, switches and trim pieces. The original tissue dispenser sits in front of the passenger with the original steering wheel in front of the driver. All of the gauges and electrical are working properly and all of the components used throughout are stock. With the front visors a lot of these cars came with a refracting glass piece to aide in seeing the traffic signals. While traffic signals nowadays are positioned a little further a way it is still a very neat feature and always a conversation piece. You will never be stuck with a flat because even if the spare mounted to the rear goes bad you still have a spare "spare" in the trunk.

This clean classic BelAir is truly a piece of history. You don't see all of the options that this car has very often so despite being among the most popular line of cars out there it is still very unique.

Put it in your collection for $46,000.00!

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