1956 Chevy Pickup - $41,000.00

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1956 Chevy Pickup 56 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup
1956 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

Ever heard of the "Chevrolet Task Force"? Well this was the name given to the 1955-1959 Chevrolet pickups as a follow up to their Advance Design series. These trucks incorporated different length beds, a wrap around windshield and an all around more current look for the time period. It wasn't until this series that V8s were even offered in pickups. These years made it clear that trucks had their place in the US as it was followed up by the extremely popular C/K series of pickups. If you're in the market for an old pickup but need one that you can take anywhere look no further! This 1956 Chevy restomod takes the vintage 50's appearance and combines it with modern features making it just as comfortable and reliable as your daily driver. It really is the perfect combo of new and old. From the outside you could call it a sleeper with exception of the Custom 18" wheels. Everything else on the body from the chrome to the trim all have the stock look. It even has the front visor for that extra 50's touch. The body is very straight and is painted a nice Viper Red that has a beautiful finish. All of the bright work looks good and has a nice shine as well. The truck is the big rear window version which is the more rare of what was available. The bed of the truck has wood slats and a spare is mounted to the side in a painted to match cover. The wheels are all wrapped with Hankook P35/50ZR18 tires that have plenty of life left.

Peak under the hood and that is where the modernization all starts. You see a lot of these with 350 crate motors and even 6 cylinders but this thing has been fitted with a 2005 Escalade LQ9 Vortec motor that runs extremely well. Not only is it cool show off but you will love the way this thing cruises around town and down the highway. Keeping it constantly running cool is an aftermarket aluminum radiator with electric fan. Looking at the engine compartment a custom aluminum piece was mounted to the firewall for a nice clean look and the inner fenders are done in Black. The battery was also relocated to eliminate the cluttered look you get with a lot of engines. Backing up that modern motor is a 4L60 automatic transmission that moves through the gears smoothly. In back is a 12 bolt rear end with 3:73 gears. The original gas tank was removed and a 16 gallon fuel cell was mounted under the bed so you can now easily fill it through a custom made gas filler. This eliminates a common problem with these trucks of fumes in the cab due to their original location. Other nice mechanical upgrades include the CPI power front disc brakes which along with the power steering system make it a breeze to drive around. A lot of people get intimidated by driving an older vehicle but we assure you this is one that anybody could hop in and feel confident cruising around in.

The interior is done in a Tan color with a bench seat. The carpeting and upholstery are in good condition and show little to no signs of wear. Although they are not necessarily required in this year of vehicle lap belts were added for extra safety. The dash is painted in Viper Red to match the body and a very cool white face set of gauges were added in the original style diamond layout. An aftermarket AM/FM/CD/USB player has also been installed with 4 speakers mounted throughout the cab. In front of the driver a tilt column was added and is topped with a more modern style all Black steering wheel. A center console was made to mount to the floor and incorporates a power plug for your car chargers. It also has a nice AC system that blows cold.

This cool pickup has a lot going for it and is a really unique vehicle. These trucks are pretty popular and you don't see a lot of them done in this modern style. If you like the classic look but want a little more comfort and reliability this thing is for you!

Give this pickup a new home for $49,560.00!


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