1952 Mercury Monterrey - $17,500.00

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1952 Mercury Monterrey 1952 Mercury Monterrey
1952 Mercury Custom Monterey Coupe

True diamonds are difficult to find for creative auto collectors. For 1952, Ford completely redesigned its vehicles, including the tried and true Mercury lineup. For ’52 Mercury, front and rear glass became “mono-pane” curved. The famed waterfall grille became replaced, understated, and more contemporary for the 50s. An entirely new bumper-type grille was designed. A small tailfin appeared at the rear. Merc Customs also received 12-volt electronics. Overall, ‘52 Mercury looked closer to the ’52 Lincoln than same-year Ford models.

A mid-1950 Mercury makes an outstanding collectible car, mainly because they are suitable for reliable daily driving and certainly for classic customizing. Modest proportions were also a popular change when compared to later years. Mechanicals were straightforward. Though some trim pieces can be a challenge to find, most are often simply removed. This particular model is a long-time popular choice among customizers if a good-condition, initial find can be had. And of course Mercury is no longer in production so these cars have their place in US automotive history.

This featured 1952 Mercury Custom Monterey Sport Coupe is an excellent start for a new owner, restorer, and/or custom builder to complete and create an exceptional Condition 1 top driver and show car. The Merc needs refreshment and personal owner touches. No rust exists with straight metal all around and under. The engine starts immediately and runs impressively with a 351 Ford V-8 engine with a re-built (9/13/2011) C-6 automatic turning into an 8” Ford rear-end, unknown ratio gearing. The engine compartment could use some detailing. It is presently running with a 2bbl but would be more suited for a well breathing 4bbl. The strong engine size could easily be rebuilt into a maximum power “sleeper,” if desired.

The glass and rubber are in good condition with no cracks and the rubber hasn’t had to be replaced. The black Naugahyde interior is within period-styling and appears very well done. The car now could be reliability driven anywhere, and catch lots of nostalgic eyes and memories. Not a deteriorating car in any sense but does require minimum body work for paint or clear coat protection, if desirable. Paint on the car presently is a semi-gloss Orchid Lavender primer color. It has been cut and polished one time previously.

Other specific features of the Custom Merc:

A functional hood “jet-scoop” breather along with a louver pattern as well.

Pioneer 4-speaker stereo system with AM/FM, CD player, and removable face.

Garmin GPS.

Electric antennae recessed into right-rear fender.

A radiator pusher-fan assists an engine fan.

Transmission cooler.

A rare windshield sun visor.

Ornamental spotlights.

Connected straight-off exhaust “dumps.”

Lokar floor shift.

New battery with quick shut-off when stored.

Matched black upholstered trunk with spare tire cover.

Dodge Lancer hubcaps on front wheels.

Rear fender skirts.

New, working dash instrumentation.

All five wheels are chrome wrapped in fresh tire rubber.

Finally, nosed and decked with Frenched head and tail lights.

A few correctable paint flaws are visible but nonetheless an outstanding example Mercury to be seen on the road, appreciated, and restored to exemplary again. On a scale 1 to 4, 1 being tops, the Mercury is an easy 2.5+ condition vehicle, as it sits today.

The 1952 Mercury Custom is definitely a potential diamond in the trivial-rough awaiting a new owner/creator. Your dream is now possible and could become yours at $18,900.00.


Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com
Buy Sell Trade Mercury at StreetRodding.com


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