2003 Chevy Pickup - $24,500.00

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2003 Chevy Pickup 2003 Chevrolet Silverado
2003 Chevrolet Silverado Custom

The 2003 line of Chevrolet Silverado pickups were beautiful and great running trucks to being with but this one takes it a step further transforming it into one of the coolest custom trucks on the road. Before it was even customized it was custom ordered from the factory with all possible options except for the sun roof. It was also special ordered with a 5.3L V8 with cold air package and 4 speed automatic with overdrive transmission which weren't typically offered for 2 door standard cabs.

Then the car was completely redone with custom Red paint, custom pinstriping, a smoothed tailgate, custom rear roll pan, custom rear bed cover with locks, custom grill, custom smoothed painted bumpers, custom exhaust with stainless steel Gibson mufflers, Z71 door handles, a cowl induction steel hood, custom wheels, Escalade gauges and a 1 of a kind stereo system. If you are an audiophile this thing will blow your socks off. It is more like sitting at a concert than driving down the road. The stereo alone utilizes top of the line aftermarket equipment making it a one of a kind audio experience. It has dual BMF crossfire subwoofers custom mounted behind the seats with Crossfire amps (1400 watt and 720 watt) on display in the bed. Custom wiring with Stinger relays was used throughout as well as a secondary Optima battery. The stereo itself in the dash is a Pioneer CD/WMA/MP3/AAC/Satellite radio setup with customizable display mounted above the Crossfire amp control system. All of the wiring is enclosed in weatherproof flexible conduit and the entire system cost around $12,000 alone. The stereo alone is show worthy not to mention everything else this truck has going on. The bright Red paint shines beautifully and features custom pinstriping with flames down the side. The same style flames were custom painted inside the bed as well and everything was finished out nicely so it is ready to show off. The custom wheels 20 inch dip have zero road rash and looking at this truck you wouldn't even think it had been driven. It has an excellent stance and has been lowered in 6 inches in front and 8 inches in the back. This was done with drop spindles and springs in the front and a flip kit and c notch in the real.

Did we mention this truck only has 5,200 miles on it as well? Inside and out the thing is like brand new. Everything on the truck that wasn't customize looks like it just arrived from the factory. If you wanted to purchase one of these trucks new this thing is not only in that new condition but even better. It really is one of a kind and over $44,000 was invested to build it.

This truck has a lot going for it and is worth every penny of $26,500.00!


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