2002 Ford Mustang - $15,000.00

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2002 Ford Mustang 2002 Ford Mustang Saleen
2002 Ford Mustang Saleen

Saleen automotive manufactures high performance automobile parts and are also responsible for some of the highest quality specialty vehicles out there. The must be doing something right because since the 80s they have been given the task of not only building supercars of their own but modifying production vehicles in limited numbers directly for manufacturers. The S-281 version of the Mustang was introduced in 1996 and continued to be produced until 2009. These vehicles received performance and suspension upgrades along with aerodynamic body modifications to make them the coolest Mustangs on the road. They were the flagship model for Saleen and many often associate Saleen with Mustangs alone for this reason. This very nice 2002 Saleen is number 26 out of approximately 200 built and has been extremely well maintained. It currently lives with its second owner. The body has a great look and the Saleen body kit makes it look really tough whether it is sitting still or flying down the road. It is painted in a nice Mineral Gray color that has a metallic finish that looks perfect out in the sun. The S-281 emblems are in place but the #26 Decal has been left off. It does however come with that decal should the next owner decide they want to add it. The custom wheels suit the car perfectly and allow admirers to take a peak at the Saleen calipers underneath.

Under the hood is a 4.6L supercharged V8 motor that really packs a punch. There is no doubting that these cars are more than just an appearance upgrade the second you decide to step on the gas. This one features bigger injectors and Borla exhaust which is music to any car enthusiasts ears. It runs down the road really well. The motor is paired with a 5 speed manual transmission with a Cobra clutch and aftermarket flywheel which has been added. The car has all of the power options you could ask for an $1,000 was just invested in the air conditioning system which is now working perfectly.

The inside of the car is done in Black and has been very well maintained as well. If features the Saleen package which incorporates whitefaced gauges into the dash and a second gauge pod above for the supercharger. The stereo is a Mach audio system with 6 CD changer which sounds great. Although the exterior decal was not installed the emblem indicating the vehicles number is mounted into the console by the shifter.

This is a great looking car that has just been fully detailed out so all it needs is you behind the steering wheel. If you have always wanted one this is a great chance to pick one up. It is extremely fun to drive and being such a limited production number is really a piece of automotive history.

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