1988 Ford Mustang - $13,950.00

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1988 Ford Mustang 1988 Ford Mustang McLaren
1988 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren

The fox body style Mustangs are growing in popularity and are a great platform for anyone looking to wrench on a car. They are easy to work on, parts are easy to find and the late 80's cars are associated with strong durable drive trains. Not only is this Mustang a great looking car, it is a piece of 80's automotive history. There is a good chance you have never seen one of these McLaren Mustangs before and as years go by this is the type of vehicle that you will soon be seeing tucked away in collections and museums. After a Detroit custom car builder chopped the top off a Mustang of his own he brought the idea of a Mustang with a tonneau cover to ASC. In turn the ASC founder went to Ford with the idea. The first Mustang convertible was already in the works after abandoning convertibles for the past 10 years so initially the ASC/McLaren treatment was aplied to the Mercury Capri. Capri sales were already in the decline and the resulting car was fetching a higher price than the McLaren GT so the Capri ASK McLaren was discontinued in 1986. This then gave them opportunity to change over to iconic Mustang as their platform in the following year. They kept the reliable, sturdy and powerful drivetrain of the Mustang but packed a ton of visual modifications creating a unique car all its own. The car started life as a notchback coupe before receiving the McLaren package. This package included the roadster conversion, custom fairings and so much more. The rear seats are removed and a custom cover added to hide the top away when it is down. The windshield was even laid back slightly creating a much sleeker side profile than the typical Mustangs adding a touch of sportiness to the iconic muscle. Over the span of 3 years from 1987 to 1990 only 1,080 of these were produced. This one has 72,000 miles and it is very obvious when looking at it in person that it has been well cared for. The current owner has had the vehicle for 10 years and it was repainted the correct Silver color when he first received it. The body is very straight and the paint all in excellent condition except for 1 small scuff mark and the front bumper. After the repaint some of the original McLaren badges were not installed strictly for preference. They are Gold and the current owner liked a more clean look. These do however come with the car and could be easily reinstalled. The convertible top is done in Black and is in great condition as well.

The 5.0 L HD motor runs extremely well and these engines are known for being very stout, handling major modifications, and lasting a lot of miles. That is what made them so popular in the custom car world and even on the drag strip in these Fox body Mustangs. You can get a lot of HP out of these engines without racking up a ton of cost. The motor starts up well and has a nice smooth idle. Backing the engine is a and automatic transmission that moves through the gears smoothly. Some under the hood upgrades include the aftermarket hood struts which eliminates the need for a prop rod and a Motorcraft distributor.

On the inside of the car is where you will find a lot of upgrades as well. It is done in Silver to match the body and features nicely upholstered Recarro seats. Both seats are heated, have power lumbar support, and are custom embroidered with the ASC/McLaren logo. Behind the seats where the rear seats were originally mounted, additional storage space was created incorporating top opening compartments similar to what you see in C3/C4 Corvettes. All of the dash components are working properly, the AC blows cold and the car also has LED dash lights with adjustable colors to change the glow to your color of choice. These cars also received a more finished out trunk than the factory Mustangs. The interior has also been redone in the past around the same time it was repainted.

This is a very cool and unique car that runs/drives very well. There aren't a lot of these special ordered ASC/McLaren Mustangs out there and this one is easily one of the nicest if not the nicest available. It is tough to determine the cars that are going to be collectable in the future but if the past has shown us anything it is that unique low production vehicles that mark a time in history, especially for top tier iconic cars like the Mustang, are the ones to look at.

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