1971 Buick Riviera - $36,800.00

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1971 Buick Riviera 1971 Buick Riviera CUSTOM
1971 Buick Riviera

The rare one-of-a-kind Buick Riviera boat-tail design only appeared in 1971 and 1972. While achieving mixed reviews within GM and with customers in general, the creation might have become merely a dream proto-type never produced in quantity, although fortunately the vehicle was scheduled for two-year production after which the distinctive blueprint dissolved into automotive annals. Despite being only being around for a few years these cars cemented themselves i the history books and have a die hard following in the car community. With its unique body lines the cars always attract attention and are a great platform for customization and restorations to original alike. The 1971 Buick Riviera you see here is an absolutely beautiful classic that wraps up the perfect combination of new and old technology. It is incredibly unique and there isn't another one like it in the country. The entire process was very well documented and articles were even written about specific steps in the restoration. The car is beloved by its current owners but unfortunately it is time for it to find a new home. The car needs absolutely nothing but a new a driver. The frame and body were restored between 1997 and 2002 but it has continued to be a labor of love that has spanning all the way to 2014. Only 1 rear fender on the car required rust removal and the piece was completely cut out and replaced with reformed steel. The body is very straight and is painted in a Champange pearl Beige paint throughout. All of the rubber throughout including the seals and weatherstripping were replaced. Any trim pieces that showed any degree of damage was replaced with new and all pieces were polished and realigned with the body/fender fittings. During the process the body was fully insulated throughout. All of the glass were replaced with light green tint glass except for that distinctive back window and windshield. The stance is perfect and the car was conservatively lowered 2-3” using replaced precision springs and four QA1-adjustable shocks. The car rides on the original 1971 optional 15 inch wheels with matching Champagne Pearl center centers. All of the tires, including the spare, were replaced in 2014 with T speed rated tires.

This car is definitely one of those you could call a sleeper. It has a vintage stock exterior/interior but pop the hood and you will see this thing has something special going on. When starting the build the owner wanted to marry something new with something old and while keeping the original appearance wherever possible set out on the path to add a ProCharger system to the original 71 455 V8 for dependable street and highway use. As any builder knows, this process can be cumbersome. While there are system nowadays being built to install on older motors, more rare engines like the Buick 455 don't really have the same options. It isn't a case of just taking a ProCharger and bolting it on. The process had to be researched, designed and implemented to insure that everything works to its maximum capability. After embarking on this journey the owner spent countless hours collecting research to learn all about newly revised and improved supercharge concepts since 1998 which initially developed from aviation, specifically from WWII Germany aviation. He even wrote articles about the process and documented every step. The owner even took it upon himself to learn the ends and outs of the Vacuum pump system that many experts told him he would not even need. After enjoying the car he found that the forced are must release/balance quickly and a belt driven vacuum pump would equalize gasket leakage and even allow more horsepower so guess what? He reviewed every system out there and found the perfect one. This information is all available and a great example of how meticulous this build was. To get an idea of what we are talking about check out the following details taken straight from the documentation.

Engine and Driveline

Hi-performance engine and driveline rebuild in January 2014. Specific notations detailed articles and file.

P-1SC Stage I injected ProCharger, boosting (15-lbs) into 700hp on hi-oct-pump gas under 5K-rpm, 2014.

GZ Motorsport CPVK104 Super Pro Vacuum Pump added to balance engine running-pressure, 2013.

Began with 370-hp 455 seasoned Buick block (7.5-liter) with initial stock-plus rebuild, May 2006.

Totally refurbished calibrated 400-Turbohydramatic running into Buick 2.93 rear-end in 2007.

Four-bar positive-traction differential with one-inch front and rear sway suspension buttress.

Distributor electronics upgraded by Hi-performance HEI plus 105-amp alternator support.

New original cross-flow radiator added in 2008 with modified coolant recovery.

Heat, Defrost and AC function as designed. Replaced with new AC compressor, 2012.

On-board dash instrumentation appears and functions correctly.

P-1SC Stage I ProCharger Specifications #66699

Volute Diameter – 9”

Max Supercharged HP – 700+

Aspirated Base HP Range of Motor – 500+

Max Flow (cfm) – 1200

Max Boost (psi) – 30

Inlet Hose Diameter – 3.75”

Inducer Diameter – 3.37”

Exducer Diameter – 6.25”

Outlet Hose Diameter – 3”

Outlet I.D. – 2.62”

Max Impeller RPM -62,000

Internal Step-up – 4.10-1

Self Contained & Cooled – Yes (trunk)

Oil Capacity – 6oz. every 6K miles

The body on the car was all insulated throughout for temperature and noise control but 98% of the interior components are all original with only minor refinements. The seats were redone in January 2013. The interior of the car is just as immaculate as the rest with everything being very tight with a nice finish. In our pictures you can tell it almost looks like it just rolled out of the factory, it is that clean.

Still not convince this car is for you? Well how about if we throw in some extras! This car is so special that the owner wants to make sure it's new home is set up to give it the care it deserves so it even comes with a maintenance and history file with photos, various extra lighting lens, a complete (boxed) headlight set (4) replacement, extra indoor door handles, small new interior replacement parts, a collection of specialized nuts & bolts for Buick, specialty catalogs & best suppliers for Riviera, all supercharge system documents with supply of special oil, unused complete body rubber kit, extra emblems, extra engine oil, extra filters, plus a lube supply, paint number & code references and new unused head and valve-cover gaskets. There is a good chance that any supplies for maintenance the car needs in the future will already come in a box with the car!

With all of the details outlining this build there is no doubt that something has been left out. If this is the type of classic you are looking for you cannot possibly go wrong with this one. There isn't another one like it out there and this level of documentation is not something you get with every vehicles on the market.

This car is worth every penny of $36,800.00!

1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today
1971 Buick for sale at  Willie StreetRodding.com become a member today


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