1959 Chevy Corvette - $84,500.00

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1959 Chevy Corvette 1959 Chevrolet Corvette
1959 Chevrolet Corvette Custom

Without a doubt one of the coolest cars of the 50's has to be the classic Corvette. These cars were the ultimate sports car. Open top, 2 seats, and a classy look you just can't beat. Well this 59 vette takes that classic styling and combines it with modern performance and handling for the ultimate restomod custom. Painted in a Frost Blue paint with White coves this car wears a beautiful color combination that suits these vettes really well. The car has been fully restored and the body is in great condition with fresh paint. It sits on an aftermarket Newman chassis and the quality of work is top notch throughout. From the exterior the only thing that gives away that there is something special under the hood may be the HRE Performance wheels and the slightly lowered front. Otherwise the car has all of the stock style Corvette emblems, chrome and trim pieces mounted in place.

Those first walking up to the car may see the fuel injection emblem and think it's a fuelie but that is really references the 1996 350HP LT1 fuel injected Corvette motor. The motor has a ton of power and topped off with multiple painted to match and chrome parts. If you thought the fun stopped at the motor then guess again because the car received all of the suspension and drivetrain from a 1996 Corvette. That includes the 5 speed transmission that moves through the gears with ease. One of the previous owners stated that as well as being fast out of the hole and the 5th gear requires an Autobaun atmosphere to realize their full potential. The car really does drive like a dream and there is nothing cooler than hopping in your 1st generation vette and cruising around town with the 4th generation performance and handling.

The carpeting and upholstery has been redone as well in the same Blue as the body. You will find a lot of the stock Corvette components featured inside but aftermarket pedals and a shifter has been added. All of the original style gauges, knobs, switches, and trim pieces are in place and working well.

This is an extremely fun classic that is a joy to drive. Having a removable hard top is an extremely cool feature because it seals up well but is also easily removed if you feel like cruising in a convertible for the day.

This cool, fast, and smooth restomod vette could be yours for $95,000.00!



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