1956 Chevy 210 - $64,500.00

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1956 Chevy 210 1956 Chevrolet Custom 210
1956 Chevrolet Custom 210

Tri-five Chevys are easily one of the most recognizable classic vehicles in the world. They are the poster car for a decade of poodle skirts, malts and jukeboxes. It is almost a guarantee that any movie or photograph paying homage to the 50s is going to have a tri-five Chevy somewhere in the background. While it is nice to reflect on the old days, lets face it...the automotive world has made quite a few improvements since then and this beautiful 56 is a great example of that. Don't let that bright vintage Turquoise and White combo fool you because this '56 drove out of the past and into the modern era in a big way. This is an extremely high end build and the car is absolutely beautiful. There really isn't anything we could imagine someone wanting to change on it. You would think it is a trailer queen by the looks but no, it was built to be driven and enjoyed. The body of the car is solid, rust free, and very straight. All of the chrome and stainless on the car has a mirror like finish with no issues. It has a 1 piece California bumper up front which really cleans up the look of the front end. All of the glass is in great condition and although you may not have noticed it at first the front vent windows were removed and replaced with 1 piece of glass. This is one of those subtle changes that doesn't jump out at you but adds to the great looking side profile. The car has an awesome stance and rides on a very slick set of 17 inch Special Edition American Racing wheels which. They have a great shine and the back has been mini tubbed to allow for a larger 10.5 inch wide tire.

We can appreciate stock original cars but certainly weren't disappointed to see that original 265 has been left in behind and a smooth running LS1 motor sitting in its place. These modern engines are an easy choice in the custom car world nowadays because not only are they fairly easy to work on but they provide a level of performance and reliability that you just can't beat. The motor in this car runs extremely well ands offers plenty of power. It has been fittted with a custom LS6 intake that was painted to match the color on the body. The entire engine compartment is extremely clean and show ready. From the way they routed the hoses to the custom radiator cover, it is obvious it was well thought out and built in a way to be functional yet show ready. Under that custom cover is an aftermarket aluminum radiator which along with the electric fans keep the car running nice and cool. The transmission in this Chevy is a 4L60 automatic that shifts very smoothly with no problems and transfers power back to the narrowed Nova rear end. The brakes have been converted to discs under all four corners and are power assisted. It also has power steering so while you may look like your driving a 56 Chev it will feel like you are in a much newer car. It even gets 20 miles to the gallon which isn't something you can say for a lot of older classics.

The interior of the car is beautifully laid out in a Beige leather. It has very comfortable bucket seats up front with a custom built center console in between. This console houses a modern shifter, storage space and even cup holders which are honestly something we people don't typically remember to add when designing their classic cars interior. Both seats have aftermarket seat belts as does the rear bench. The dash of the car retains a lot of its original styling but has been upgraded with white faced Autometer gauges and nice adjustable vents for the Vintage AC/Heat system. In front of the driver sits a tilt steering column topped off with a matching leather wrapped custom steering wheel.

If it isn't obvious yet that this smooth driving show car can win some awards, let us assure you it can. It has won many Best of Show, Best Engine, Best Interior, and Best Paint awards throughout its life. Some of the more notable include the Classic Chevy award at Goodguys Fort Worth in 2015, the RockAuto award at Super Chevy in Ennis, the Outstanding Workmanship Award at Super Chevy in Ennis and has also been featured on the TV Show "My Ride Rules" in Dallas.

There is so much that went into this car and the level of quality is top notch. If you want a 56, it is going to be tough to find one nicer than this!

You couldn't build this car for only $75,000.00!



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