1953 Ford Ranch Wagon - $22,500.00

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1953 Ford Ranch Wagon 1953 Ford Ranch Wagon
1953 Ford Ranch Wagon

Back in the 50's you would have gotten laughed at for thinking your station wagon was cool but nowadays this body style has had a huge resurgence and have become pretty desirable. This 1953 Ford Ranch Wagon is one of those that you just don't really see that often. It has a unique look with the classic 53 Ford style front end and rounded edges that would soon disappear when the 60s arrived. Most people picture station wagons as huge boats that take up the whole parking space but this one actually isn't oversized at all. It is a 2 door and actually has a pretty short wheel base considering it is a station wagon. If you are a band or someone who wants a classic but needs space to haul stuff this thing would be perfect. It is painted in a Sea foam Green which is the perfect color to represent its 50s heritage. The chrome and stainless is in good shape including the long strips that run all the way around the top from front to rear. The glass is all good and these cars actually had rear windows that slide out of the way versus rolling down which is a pretty cool design you don't see everyday. The gate operates correctly with the bottom half folding down and the top folding up similar to what you see on the popular Chevy Nomad. The wheels on it are painted to match but then topped with Ford hubcaps and wrapped with radial wide white wall tires which suit the car perfectly.

The car is mostly stock when it comes to the drivetrain being powered by a 239 flathead with Fenton headers that runs well. It has been kept looking original under the hood and the motor is even topped off with the correct "Ford Special" oil bath air cleaner. Backing the engine is a 3 speed manual transmission with overdrive which is a pretty unique system if you have never used one before. The pro three on the tree users will tell you that due to the overdrive there are ways to actually drive the car without shifting as often as you would think. The rest of the mechanics like the suspension and brakes are all the stock systems but all work properly. It is an original 6 volt and has not been converted to 12.

The interior is done in Brown and is in good condition. It has the split front bench with normal bench second row seating. Behind that is storage room but if you need extra the rear seat also folds down. It even has the original style wood trim pieces on the doors and sides running to the back. The dash has the original stock set up and everything is working properly except for the gas gauge. Being a 53 it received the 50th anniversary Ford special edition steering wheel which is still nicely mounted in place.

If you want something unique this is definitely one to check out. Unless you are at an all Ford event you will likely not be parking next to another one any time soon. It is a great looking original classic but if you wanted to go a more custom direction would be a good candidate for that too.

It is being offered up at the very reasonable price of only $22,500.00!

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