1953 Chevy Custom - $26,500.00

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1953 Chevy Custom 1953 Chevrolet 150 series
1953 Chevrolet 150 series Custom

If you grew up in the 50's and are ready for a flashback then this 53 Chevy is definitely something to check out. The car is a true old school custom that has all of those classic 50's features and customizations people were doing back in the day. The old school look is something that many car builders are trying to replicate but a real vintage hotrodder can easily spot the real old school from the imposters. Back in the 50's era not everyone had George Barris money to make a wild custom so you saw a lot of the hotrodders investing what they did have...time. Plus, more often then not the cars being built didn't have all of the luxuries your mother would have wanted in her daily driver. These guys cared more about making a cool looking, great driving custom. Everyone who walks up to this 53 is astounded by its striking appearance. The customizations are subtle and detailed resulting in a 53 Chevy that looks like what Chevrolet should have been building in the first place. The car is a 2 door and the body very solid. It is a Nebraska car and all rust free. It is painted in a PPG Indigo Blue metallic that really looks great on the car. As you can see in the pictures, the color can take on a darker appearance at certain times but that metallic shines out in the sun. It is a gorgeous color. To insure it is all ready with nothing needed for the new owner the left rear fender was just touched up a few months ago. That should speak for the quality of this car because if it ever needs anything, it gets done. The one piece hood is nosed and decked with 152 louvers added. The grill has been rechromed and 3 teeth were removed and the holes filled for a unique look. It has 1 piece front and rear California bumpers which have been rechromed. The doors are shaved of the door handles and the rear deck emblems shaved. The license plate was also relocated to the bumper. The car has 54 taillight housings and custom "Lee" taillight lenses. All of the glass is in good condition and it has a tinted front windshield. The car rides on 15 painted to match wheels with the rear wheels being widened 2 inches. The correct 1953 dog dish hubcaps are also available and come with the car. Wide white wall Diamond Back radial tires wrap around the wheels and are in good condition with plenty of life left. 2" drop spindles were added up front with 2" lowering blocks in the rear to get the stance a little lower and it makes a huge difference in the profile of the car.

Under the hood of this classic custom is the original 235 c.i. inline 6 cylinder motor that has just been entirely redone. The motor was completely rebuilt by a well known NASCAR engine builder using only the best components throughout. The parts used were recommended by Tom Langdon who worked for a GM Tech center for 30 years and now runs Langdon's Stovebolt 6 where he specializes in high performance parts for vintage inline 6 motors. The engine runs very well and also has that old school look being fitted with brand new dual 2 barrel Carter Weber carburetors, chrome helmet style Spun aluminum air cleaners, an Offenhauser intake, split exhaust manifold, polished stainless steel cylinder head/side plate and a very cool Offenhauser cast aluminum valve cover. The motor has about 500 miles on in so it is well broken in and the valves have been lashed along the way. The original factory blow by system has been redone with a new PVC system. 6 cylinder owners will note how nice of a feature this is. The original set ups blew oil all on your undercarriage and would leak because that is just the way they were designed. The car is now leak free due to the PVC set up. With the rebuild the car was also converted to a 12 volt system so it has a brand new battery and American Autowire 15 kit. A new polished aluminum radiator was just added and has zero heating issues. The sound is delivered through dual straight pipes with no mufflers and pencil tips. Paired with the motor is a 3 speed manual transmission with a custom Mr. Gasket floor shifter. It moves through the gears with ease. The drums and steering system is all original but work very well. The gas tank has been redone as well as the starter and new solenoid. New front springs were also just added with cut 1.5" coils.

To see how complete the rebuild truly is check out the following table.


Pistons and rings

Rod bearings

Main bearings

Cam bearings



Spark plugs

Valve seats

Push rods


Mini HEI ignition

Machine Shop

Bore Block

Hone Block

Recondition Rods

Grind Crankshaft

Resurface Block

Resurface Head

Drill and Tap Crank


Rear Main Oil Seal

Valve Guides


Valve Cover Coating

Oil Filter Adapter

Lines and Fittings

This is based on the receipt for the work showing what all was replaced or redone by the mechanic and machine shop.

Inside you will find the original style radio delete interior except for a few upgrades. Stewart Warner gauges were added to the car and a 5000RPM tachometer with solid state box, all of which are working properly. A 1959/1960 Impala steering wheel was also added which is a customization all old hotrodders will recognize from their days of building custom cars. The upholstery was all redone this year which includes the new headliner. It also received a new front rubber floor mat and new chrome latch seat belts. It has a custom Pabst Blue Ribbon keg shifter knob and also has a custom front console with cupholders.

Other cool features are that the glove box door has been signed by famous customizer Gene Winfield and of course all of the awards the car has won. It is consistently a winner at Goodguys and NSRA and the car is a NSRA 23 point car. It also was picked for the 2013 Calvacade of Customs at the Detroit International Auto Show at the COBO Center. It comes with the like new jacket that the award winners receive.

This is one well built car and worth a lot more than our asking price of $26,500.00!


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