1951 Mercury Custom - $54,500.00

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1951 Mercury Custom 1951 Mercury Custom
1951 Mercury Custom

The lead sleds make up a style of custom car that has a look all their own. They are easily identified by their long sleek low bodies, chopped tops and custom accents throughout. These things seem to glide down the road and are a staple at any major car show. Something about them just has that old school hot rodding feel making them admired by the old and young car guys alike. The most popular base for the lead sled is without a doubt the old Mercurys. This 51 Custom Merc has an awesome look and has had a ton of the typical lead sled modifications. This includes it being chopped 6 inches, channeled 3 1/2 inches, nosed and decked. It also features a 51 dodge grill, custom 54 Mercury frenched headlights, and cool custom taillights that are frenched into a flame cut. The body sits on a 78 GM Station Wagon chassis and is solid. It is painted White and the custom flames start as 96 Ford Blue on the nose with a gradient leading into Raspberry the further you move down the body. The flames look good and run all the way back to the rear fenders. The spot lights give it a vintage tough but are not operational. The wiper covers are also just there for looks. It has peep side mirrors mounted to the tops of the doors and are nicely chromed. Stainless trim is still mounted just under the windows and adds just the right amount of bright work to the exterior in additional to the chrome front/rear bumpers. The wheels are fitted with 1957 Cadillac hubcaps which work perfectly with the lead sled look. Coker wide white radials are mounted up front and in back are just regular radials. White walls were left off the rear because you really can't even see them due to the skirts.

Powering this classic is a 350 V8 motor that runs well. You turn the key and it starts right up with no issues. It is topped off with an Offenhauser intake, 3 rebuilt 2 barrel Rochester carbs, progressive linkage from Speedway, custom finned valve covers, a chrome alternator, a chrome AC compressor, cool flex hoses and more. The engine compartment was set up nicely so it matches the cars custom exterior. It has a custom battery box, custom radiator cover, polished aluminum firewall cover, and the exterior flames even route onto the inner fender covers and underside of the hood. Care was even made to use Purple plug wires and covers over the brake lines on the chrome master cylinder. It does have disc brakes up front which are power assisted. Power steering was also added so it is comfortable to cruise around in.

The interior is done in a Raspberry and White combination. It is done in a tuck and roll style with 86 grand prix seats. It has a custom built center console which houses the tall Gennie shifter with custom skull knob. The dash is done in a Raspberry and White combination with custom pinstriping all across the white area and glove box door. It has Black VDO gauges mounted to the dash along with custom knobs and a Sony AM/FM/CD player. A tilt column sits in front of the driver and is topped with a Lecarra white wrapped steering wheel. The underdash AC unit is even painted in a matching color scheme and works well.

This cool lead sled has a lot going for it and has an old school look that can be tough replicate. If you are looking for something with that vintage look then check this thing out!

Add this lead sled to your collection for $54,500.00!

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