1949 Other Pickup - $18,500.00

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1949 Other Pickup 1949 REO Speed Wagon C19
1949 REO Speed Wagon C-19 2 Ton Stake Bed Truck

Named after it's founder, Ransom Eli Olds, the REO Motor Car Company was established way back in 1905 when Olds had split ties with his previous venture, Oldsmobile. Mr. Olds clearly had a mark on the automobile industry because in 1907 REO was among the wealthiest 4 automobile groups around. This would change in the coming years as Ford and GM emerged but they did continue to remain profitable for years to come. In 1936 REO changed their plans as they abandoned automobiles to focus primarily on Trucks, a large portion of which were destined for commercial use. This C-19C 2 Ton Stake Truck is one of those large production trucks and is a really nice example of REO's unique styling's. You just don't see these vehicles very often nowadays as they were often worked to the point of retiring. This one has been nicely maintained and runs well. It has a 165 inch wheels base with an overall length of 278 inches. It sits right around 7 feet tall with a max truck gross rating between 12,000 and 16,000 lbs. One cool thing about these trucks was the versatility they built into the designs. Looking at the vintage brochures the same truck was built to be applied to box trucks, dump trucks, standard haulers or pull behind trailers. This truck was previously owned by a wood worker who completely rebuilt the wood stake bed in back. Whether you want to put it to work or use it as a stage in parades, this thing has a ton of potential. The steel body is painted in a Red and Black combo with the split rims painted Red to match and wrapped with tube tires. All of the lights are working properly with fender mounted turn signals and headlights. On the front bumper is working fog lights and along the roof additional cab markers.

The truck is powered by an International Blue Diamond 269 c.i. straight 6 motor. This is not the original motor but the correct style like what you would have found originally. The motor has been rebuilt and runs well. It is paired by a 5 speed manual transmission. The 1st gear is a granny gear with the 5th being overdrive. The brake system is all new and the radiator has been rebuilt as well. It has a 6 volt system and runs well. The truck comes with a lot of extra parts including 2 cowl pieces by the hood, 2 air vent screens, 2 door panels, 2 tear drop lights for over the headlights, 2 independently operated windshield wiper motors, a glove box door, an extra transmission and 1 of the kick panels that go between the side step and cab.

The interior features a bench seat done in Brown which is in great shape. The dash is painted Red and is topped with the stock style gauge cluster, knobs, etc. The speedometer is working correctly as are all the other gauges which have been rebuilt. A set of 4 toggle switches is mounted below the dash to operate all of the other light markers. In front of the driver sits the original style column topped off with the original REO steering wheel.

This is such a unique truck that really is a piece of Automotive history. You don't see a lot of these REO vehicles still on the road so classics like this always stand out.

It is priced very reasonably at $18,500.00!

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