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1942 Dodge Other 1942 Dodge WC56 Command
1942 Dodge WC56 Command Vehicle

Military vehicles aren't our specialty but every once in a while we come across one that is too cool to pass up. One of the more fun parts of dealing with classic cars is the history lessons every car gives you and this 1942 Dodge WC56 Command vehicle is no different. Used in WWII, these vehicles were central command and often kept some of the higher ranked military members safe while allowing them to see and control their troops. In fact, General George S Patton rode in one of these vehicles which you can see pictured below.

Painted in an Army Green with White stars it is obvious from first sight that this is a military vehicle. You won't find the smooth shiny finish and eye catching chrome like you would on a lot of our inventory because that just isn't what this automobile was meant to be. It was built to take a beating and be easy to maintain. You needed to be able to drive through any condition with ease and simply spray it off from top to bottom if for some reason someone actually wanted it cleaned. It is powered by a inline 6 cylinder that was just gone through to insure it is running properly. Yes, that's right! This isn't a non operational display piece but a fully functioning, driving WWII vehicle. The 4 speed transmission runs through the gears well and being a 4x4 military vehicle has a bit of a different set up than your typical car.

The amount of space in the interior is really shocking at first, especially if you are used to climbing into small street rods. The dual bench seats have a ton of room and are Tan to match the cloth top. Whether you are a history buff looking to buy your own piece of history or just someone in search of their next unique classic you need to check this thing out. You don't see a lot of these around and the number in existence is unknown. Due to the conditions that they were used in you would suspect there are very few still running.

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