1926 Ford Model T - $16,500.00

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1926 Ford Model T 1926 Ford Model T Touring
1926 Ford Model T Touring

Also known as the "Tin Lizzie", the Model T is widely referred to as an automobile that changed history. With the introduction of the assembly line, suddenly a vehicle was created that had a lower production cost thus transferring the savings on to the consumer. This meant that travel via automobile could be something your average American could afford to do. These cars are a very important piece of our history and makes standing next to an original Model T like this 1926 a very special experience. Just a couple years later the Model T was changed and a new model introduced but this isn't before being in production for almost 20 consecutive years! This Model T is known as the Touring bodystyle which meant it incorporated a back seat so not only could you now travel via car, your whole family could come along. This car has undergone a body off restoration and kept all original. We are selling this car for a collector who primarily works on vehicles of this vintage and are confident that everything was done right. The very solid, all steel body is painted in a Burgundy and Black combination which looks great. The brass radiator, large dual headlights, stacked windshield, and even rear spare are just like you would have seen from the factory. It is a really solid, straight forward classic.

Everything works on the car and it runs great. Whether your goal is to put it in a museum or take it out on parades, the car is ready to go. It has its original 4 cylinder motor that has been entirely rebuilt. That is paired with a 2 speed transmission that was also rebuilt. In terms of mechanics this was a much simpler time and this car has all of its original style components which work as expected.

When we say simple, we do not mean that in a negative way at all. There is a beauty in the simplistic nature of vehicles of this vintage compared to where we are now. Looking at the dash example you will see nice Black paint, the ignition and a volt meter. Back then you didn't need anything else! You will however be thankful to hear that a modern starter was added, so no worries about throwing your shoulder out trying to crank it from out front. However, it can be started that way if you choose to do so. The dual bench seats have nice Black upholstery and are one other place where you will see a bit of modernization with the addition of seatbelts.

Take it home for $19,000.00!


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