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Welcome our new Vendor Auto Transport Service

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Welcome our new Vendor Auto Transport Service Check out there web site through our service directory. Willie Moore


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A nun gets into a taxi and notices that the chauffeur can’t stop staring at the nun. So she asks him why is he staring and chauffeur answers, “I have a question I need to ask you but I don’t want to disturb you.”

The sister answers, “My dear son, you cannot offend me. When you’re as old as I am and have been a nun as long as I have, you have had a chance to see and hear just about everything. I’m sure that there’s nothing you could say or ask that I would find offensive.”

The taxi driver p...

Pictures I didnt load right

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Well I didn't follow those instructions very well so a second effort is required...

New ride on its way home

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picked up this 41 Mercury convertible. It's on a truck headed my way! Got to clean out the garage. The 31 has got to go, but the 38 is staying. Looks like I need a another garage for the wife...

Indy 500 Race

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I have been given tickets to the Indy 500. (Bucket List) I will be driving from MO and wondered if anyone has suggestions for lodging in Indianapolis?

Thanks, Dave...

Update on timing issue

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Turns out my timing issue had nothing to do with electrical issues or timing lights. I had cam walk, a condition where a roller cam can walk forward if not retained by a cam button or thrust plate. Although no real damage, I'm going to get Isky to run me the identical cam with a stepped nose, so I can run the factory cam retainer plate. I'm not a big believer in the cam buttons or adjustable timing covers.  I didn't assemble this engine, so was unaware of the retainer issue, but will now...

Please Visit Our Supporting Vendor Maval

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Maval Unisteer offers a wide range of steering systems and related components; Bolt-on rack & pinion kits, custom steering racks, as well as OEM replacement Power and Manual Rack & Pinions. Unisteer is a manufacturer dedicated to steering products engineered for Rods and Muscle cars, products such as the CROSS STEER Rack & Pinion. Unisteer also offers a wide variety of steering components, such as U-joints & Shafting as well as Power Steering Pumps and accessories....

Timing Question

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My '33 has a heavily modified 383 Chevy Stroker in it (turned just over 600 hp on an engine dyno) and needs 36 degrees total timing to get the maximum performance. I'm running an MSD 6AL system with an MSD pro-billet mechanical advance distributor, part number 85551. I changed the advance stop bushing to a 23 degree unit, which I thought would reduce my initial timing to a minimum of 13 degrees, although I'm ok up to about 18 degrees, Right now, the initial won't go below 22 degrees, giving s...

Nice Shoes

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Nice Shoes. Do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. ...

Just Plain Sharp

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Just Plain Sharp some folks really know what the hell they are doing. Just left the tire shop....

Gear Box Adjustment

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Gear Box Adjustment. Does anyone know how to adjust the slack in this under dash gear box???...

Please Visit our Supporting Vendor JJ Best

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Please Visit our Supporting Vendor JJ Best No matter your passion or preference for classic cars, we are confident you will find what you need in terms of loans and collector car financing with us. We have served a wide variety of satisfied clients over the years, and we are known to provide exceptional services when it comes to collector car financing. If you have an interest in classic and collector vehicles, look no further than our team to help you obtain these cars in the smartest possible ...

Trouble finding your brand

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Trouble finding your brand a little touch of the good stuff never hurt anyone. ...

Chassis Engineering, Inc Closing

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From the Chassis Engineering, Inc. web site and Facebook:

"It has been a fun 53 years of Street Rodding, but today we are closing our garage doors, packing up our tools, and preparing for new adventures.
To all our loyal customers, dealers and friends, we would like to say thank you, it has been an honor.
Keep your eyes on the Chassis Engineering Inc. website and Facebook page (link) after Thanksgiving to check out our online SWAP MEET for remaining kits AND some historic treasures found in...


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34 roadster grille is a 33
350sbc/th 350/9in 3.00 /all ultra leather & trunk /m2 style frt leaf in rear...

Did Santa Hook you Rodders UP

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Did Santa Hook you Rodders UP or are you like me and get just about anything you need all year round?? As we get older seems like we really just do not need as much stuff as we used too. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Happy New Year My Friends 2018

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Happy New Year My Friends 2018, 2017 Was full of ups and downs for me as I am sure it was for most. As we enter 2018 and get started on new projects please take a minute and reflect on all the good and bad in 2017. Remember this too shall pass.......

Tips for taking care of your Rodder

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Check out this great news paper clipping from last week. Pretty cool. You can print it our and hand it to your lady friend... ...

New logo

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This has been a very busy year with designing the new firewall rubber boot ,meeting with the mold manufacture in making 4 new molds and doing last minute changes to it to make it better Then going to shows to kinda show off the products and playing salesman and designing a new logo ! ...


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This thing is like a real small version convertible ! picked IT UP AT THE CHARLOTTE AUTO FAIR ! rust free car ! ...

Merry Christmas my friends 2017

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Merry Christmas my friends 2017. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some great food and maybe a little light drinking over the holidays Willie Moore...

454 with throttle body

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just picked up a nice chevy 454 engine with throttle body and turbo 400 trans
can i just replace intake and add carb. what distributor do i use? hei?...

What transmission is it

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What transmission is it. Changing the leaking pan gasket on a 1931 model A. What transmission do you think it is...


Happy holidays

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New Supporting Vendor Car Show Depot

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Are you looking for a Show Board that you DON'T have to.......
Be careful when transporting or storing it in fear of damaging the corners or denting it
Worry that it might de-laminate or if it gets wet the colors run
Chase it down if the wind picks up
Worry about it looking like everyone else's
Purchase an easel to be able to display it in front of the vehicle
Well, Car Show Depot has solved all of the above issues with their line of Retractable Show Boards. ...

Torque convertors

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I recently installed a new 350/290 Chevy performance create engine and reused my stock 1975 TH350 transmission (maybe around 1300 rpm stall). The engine seems to idle a little rough and tends to stall until the engine is warmed up.The installation instructions indicated a 'torque convertor with a higher stall speed on automatic transmissions' may be required. Chevrolet performance suggested a 2500 rpm stall however that's way more than I want for just a Sunday cruiser.
Has anyone been able to u...

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