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Foamy Oil in new Crate Engine

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I pulled the valve covers off my new crate engine this morning (it's Chev 350, 385 hp version that GM bumped up to the 430 hp version for me and I changed the cam after that. It turned 456 hp on the engine dyno).and found heavy foam on the inside of the valve covers. The car hasn't been on the road yet, but the engine was broken in on the engine dyno. I did have the intake off to change the cam, otherwise, nothing has been touched. It's had maybe an hours worth of running in the car while se...

Garage or operating room

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Garage or operating room. That is once clean room Willie Moore

Proper PPE for the job

  Views: 342   Comments: 4

Proper PPE for the job. Most of the time some folks never really think about the negative things that can happen until they happen. The old saying is no story ever ends well with the starting line of HEY WATCH THIS...

chasis frame

  Views: 284   Comments: 2

1929 chevy 4 door sedan , iam looking for a custom maker chasis frame for my car . please advice...

More Photos

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More of OC Oct 2018...

Today is the Day

  Views: 210   Comments: 1

Today is the Day. As we near the Holiday season it is a great time to get out there and get started. How many things are on your bucket list that you just have not got around to yet? I have a few and I am sure you do as well. The clock is ticking on all of us. Willie Moore

Whats on your List....

Preserving Patina

  Views: 442   Comments: 10

I have a 1937 Ford 2 door Sedan that I am restoring....sort of. It will be many years in the making. Right now I just want to get it running and on the road so I can enjoy it. I want to preserve the metal and patina as it sits now. There is a lot of surface rust, some original paint, on the whole it's in great condition. How should I prep the metal and what should I clear coat it with? Keeping in mind that I want to paint the car at a later date. ...

Scammers At it again 2

  Views: 546   Comments: 10

These guys are getting better. Here is an email from a member . He was looking at this car being advertised fr sale. As you can see the email has a lot of detail.

This is the information I have to date from “Roger Cooper”. Pictures of the car do not show a vin or a license number. Address is no good in WA state. Deputies there are working with me to try to develop more info.

I smelled the rat early. But I worry that other people might not. Here is the most recent e mail the guy sen...

46 Plymouth P15 Special Deluxe Coupe

  Views: 609   Comments: 7

Brought a 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe. Looking for any information on buying parts to build a street rod. Any websites?? Any builder's advice?? Thanks...

Auto Rama Houston This Weekend

  Views: 142   Comments: 0

Auto Rama Houston Going on This Weekend. If you have not been in a while or have never been this is a great show. You can spend the whole. Discount coupons available at O Reilly Auto Parts....

Mopar block search

  Views: 279   Comments: 1

I have tried to search for the year of the dodge 360 engine in my car. I can't seem to find it on the internet. I have a number from the left side of the block, which is ; 4006850-360-2. Anyone able to help? thanks...

The Real Deal

  Views: 377   Comments: 2

The Real Deal. How many times. Gone are the days of actually having to look something up in a catalog. These are the days when you do not even have to ask your parent about anything. Just ask Mr Google. He knows all. Willie Moore ...

Just a little A bone

  Views: 403   Comments: 6

little hot rod zz1 350 th 350/9in

What is the deal Put a price on it

  Views: 470   Comments: 4

Just got back from a week in Biloxi cruising the coast. We had a great time and so many cars. There were close to 10K registered cars this year and thousands more that were just cruising the highway. As I walked around looking at all the cool rides I am just amazed by the for sale signs with no prices on the car. Why would you not put down the price? Are you thinking some idiot is going to walk up and say hey let me pay you two times what I think the car is worth. Good luck with that. Help me he...

Shaved doors

  Views: 355   Comments: 6

Please see summary...

New Hot rod in the garage for the wife

  Views: 957   Comments: 14

Really solid car with no patch panels as I've had some of the interior panels out and door panel off where the old owner slipped and fell into right after I bought it from him .So had my good friend that does dinks and dent repair come out and he got it out . Really thought I was going to have to paint it . So another new guy in town pulled some lines on the car in One Shot colors blue and purple ...

Steering column

  Views: 787   Comments: 11

I'm looking for ideas, on installing a GM or aftermarket steering column for my 46 Plymouth coupe. It's got a GM front clip on it. Thanks ...

Please Visit Our Supporting Vendor Maval

  Views: 601   Comments: 2

Maval Unisteer offers a wide range of steering systems and related components; Bolt-on rack & pinion kits, custom steering racks, as well as OEM replacement Power and Manual Rack & Pinions. Unisteer is a manufacturer dedicated to steering products engineered for Rods and Muscle cars, products such as the CROSS STEER Rack & Pinion. Unisteer also offers a wide variety of steering components, such as U-joints & Shafting as well as Power Steering Pumps and accessories....

Ford 2V Carb rebuild

  Views: 376   Comments: 5

Ford 2V Carb rebuild. Working on a 1965 Mustang for a local preacher. I pulled the carb and took it apart. I noticed the float was also in bad shape. So I priced the rebuild kit and a float. The cost was around $50.00. I bought a rebuilt carb on EBAY for $70.00 delivered to the front door. Which way do you think I wet? Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Fuel pressure solved

  Views: 341   Comments: 6

It appears the problem with the fuel pressure isn't fuel pressure, its the pressure gauge. The first question the Holley rep asked was if I had a liquid filled gauge. I have a liquid filled Russell fuel pressure gauge. He said the issue is that the gauge isn't vented and the temperature differences are what's causing the pressure to appear to drop. After I talked to him I googled the issue and there are no end of threads talking about the same issue and how to correct it by draining the flui...

Tri Power Linkage

  Views: 269   Comments: 4

How do I change this tri power linkage just a little bit. I need to move it's at rest position about 1 16th of a turn forward. The rear carb arm is just barely hitting the linkage assembly that bolts to the manifold on my Y Block. If you have ever seen a y block with an automatic, this is not something a person needs to be trying to reengineer. Looks like there are two allen screws on each arm, but I have zero instructions....

Custom Street Rod Wiring Harness

  Views: 478   Comments: 3

Custom Street Rod Wiring Harness. Here is one for all the old timers Before there were easy to buy and easy to install wiring kits. I am sure it did the job for a while....

Wierd starting issue

  Views: 593   Comments: 13

I'm having trouble with the starting of my '37. It's a GM Factory 430 hp crate engine, but the cam has been changed to a Comp Cams Thumper cam. The car has never been on the road, but the engine has been broken in on the engine dyno and has run in the car. It has a Holley electric fuel pump, which I also have questions about. I've had it running and have set the total timing to 34 degrees with the vacuum advance disconnected (highest hp on engine dyno). It has the factory HEI distributor. ...

Alternate to fender welting

  Views: 447   Comments: 4

I've fitted the fenders (and other components) to be a nice tight fit without using welting between the body and the fender (rear fender for example). The fit is nice and tight with no gaps, but it feels like there should be something in between the two to stop chafing etc, but thin enough to not create a gap or show from the outside. I've wondered about something like "peel and stick" membrane or even some of the static cling clear vinyl. I use the static cling on the outside of the body to ...

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