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Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors
Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors

Hey guys, what kind of fire extinguishers do you have in your car(s), if any?

Do you have a smoke detector, and fire extinguishers in your garage?

Fire Extinguishers:
I have a cheap one I got a Menards which is not much more than a cylinder of powder I can dump on a fire in my ElCamino. I might have one (Menards) under the seat of my Model-A. My streetrod has a small A-B unit like you would use on a boat. People say the usual A-B-C units are caustic, and don't use em'. The small clean-agent ones are not as effective. Besides they cost like the dickens. Ever try to get your local fire equipment company to recharge one...that's a laugh. The clean agents don't smother and absorb, they momentarily take away one side of the fire triangle. Air, Fuel, Ignition/heat. Halon is not used any more, because it depletes ozone. Halon disapates the oxygen, thereby killing the fire. Now days it's FM-200, which reduces the ambient temp below the perceived ignition point. Remember, that a clean agent extinguisher will have zero absorbing abilities, so the fire may reflash. They are typically small, and not scientifically as effective too. Of course, if the fire is very big, ya might as well stand back and let the insurance game begin.

I put a tri-power with Holley 94s on my 57 Y-block, so I probably am gonna need to buy something.

Smoke detectors:
We have 4 of them in our house. One of which is in the (daily drivers) garage. I may, or may not, hear it, but I want to give myself a chance if the car catches on fire. Hey, new cars are especially more likely to catch on fire just sitting there.

As for maintenance, the battery change 2x per year is a good idea, and certainly 1x per year for sure. The test button is a waste of time. I don't want to verify that the button works, I want to verify that it will sound if it senses smoke. Here is the way to verify it, and it's super easy. Light a candle, and let it get going for a minute or two. The glass ones you can put on the ledge of you deck or patio are perfect for this. Climb up the ladder and hold the candle fairly close (under the face of the device). Blow it out. Once the flame goes out, a little wisp of smoke is given off. The unit should sound off. To clear it, and silence the device (smoke detector) wave your hand across it, to fan fresh air into the unit. All done - if it sounds off the unit is working. I don't care if it is 2 years old, or 20 years old, I want it to work. 10 years old - thats a marketing ploy. Besides it reduces the mfr's liabilities, doesn't it?

9V batteries are technically "special waste". That being said, washing your car in the driveway, and letting the water go down the gutter without a sand filter, screening, or something, is technically an EPA violation is most all states. It's a big deal for car lots, and car rental shops.

FYI: smoke detectors have a little nuclear isotope in them (very low dose) which make them unacceptable for the general trash. If you doubt, call you local waste authority.

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  • will547
    Mar 6, 2019 at 12:13 PM

  • Most folks never think about these issues until there is a problem that they have to deal with. A little safety training will go a long ways. For those of us who are blue collar workers that have been in an industrial setting for years the thought process of how quickly things can go wrong is a constant reminder. Always hope for the best and plan for the worst.

  • classicalGasMotors
    Mar 6, 2019 at 12:10 PM

  • Not in all of the cars. Back when it was just a hobby I had a 66 Cobra and my wife had a 32 Ford. Both of those had them. Had a buddy that actually custom painted extinguishers so the one the Cobra was mounted in the open right by the shifter. Now that we do a lot of storage for people and list cars on consignment it just depends on whether or not they come with them. If I were to go on a long trip I would pack a small one in with the typical tools and stuff we bring "just in case."

  • GeneF
    Mar 4, 2019 at 7:32 PM

  • That's to you both for you honest responses. You two have fire extinguishers in your cars?

    Jim, as for the shaved door handles...I had a 37 Chevy streetrod with shaved doors. Nothing but a maintenance problem. Nothing like a good old fashioned door handle.

  • classicalGasMotors
    Mar 4, 2019 at 2:54 PM

  • We have Ansul Sentry ABC extinguishers all throughout the shop. Since we are a business it is a little different because we get visits from Fire Marshals for inspections. Our two buildings are right around 15,000 square feet each and both have about 7 or 8 extinguishers in each. They are mounted at measured out points throughout the shop so no matter where you are there is 1 or 2 extinguishers that you can easily access. We are also required to have them serviced every year. Often times they will require you to get new ones based purely on the age of the old ones and even the inspectors will say that the ones they are replacing are perfectly fine but is something they have to do. Have only had to use them once for an electrical fire under the hood of a Chevelle. Definitely one of those things that a lot of people think they don't need until you really need them. What could have been a fire that destroyed not just one Chevelle but our entire shop full of cars was quickly stopped. Identified the electrical issue, changed out some wiring and the car was good to go. Of course after we spent hours cleaning the powder off everything.

  • jimmothershead
    Mar 4, 2019 at 9:38 AM

  • On my second date with Rosina. Had just put a 283 in my first car, a '50 Chevy hard top. Pulled up to a stop sign, "I smell something burning". Smoke started to roll from under the hood. I had installed power hood, doors and trunk. Could not open hood or trunk. A driver behind us used his tire iron to pry open the hood = shorted battery strap...burning on the ram horn header. Tire iron split the brazed & leaded 2 part hood and bent the super nice grille. Oh, well, the five-oh did not burn.
    Next day I reinstalled the hood pull cable, both door handles, trunk cable pull, bought my first fire extinguishers for the '50 and my hot rod garage. Fresh '57 Chevy ice box white paint job was ruined. It was 1958.
    We were in Ocean City on vacation. Got a call in the middle of the night " Your chopper & van shop is on fire" the neighbor yelled. No one around to do the extinguisher. Dumpster was set on fire by a employee we had just fired. Under insured by $64,582 !! Loss !! Royal Palm Company. 1975.
    Rental property. Dog groomer. Waiting room had magazines on a plastic table. Tenant had put a electric space heater under table that melted and set fire to magazines = fire in the middle of the night. Insurance covered. 1985
    We have 9 extinguishers on the property. Each car, boat, jet ski has an extinguisher. Also smoke, LP, carbon monoxide detectors. 2019.
    NUFF SAID, Jim, School of Hard Knocks.

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