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The Hot Rod Restoration Workshop

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Kustom Built Cars is fostering the automotive aftermarket restoration industry for the next generation. Learn valuable skills at this Hot Rod Workshop, building a classic/custom car from start to finish. This 5-month workshop gives hands-on training which includes the evaluation of a project, disassembling the car, rust repair, metal work, body work, basic suspension work, basic engine rebuilding, basic welding and fabrication, painting, color sanding, assembly of the car, and electrical wiring....

Steering Column Heat

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This has been a problem for years and years !! Finally a simple and easy solution to STOP all the hot air,dust,fumes from coming in the interior !! And one can be installed inside to finish off the interior and STOP the radiation heat warming up the steering column coming up from the engine compartment too ! Takes less than a hour to install !...

Father's Day Show in LA

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Just a little up date as the show was taken over by John Buck last year as he is a promoter of car shows/ As the people went out there said it was very poor attendance for cars and people ! I for one drove my 32 roadster out there with my Austrian side kick Rodney Frood and the rest of the Great Gray Beards ! When we got there to enter every time we have been there, they pretty much tell you where to park and make you park about 5 feet from the next car over ! That should of been a clue ...

Water Pump Speed

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I'd like to slow my water pump down a little. With that tall gear, and 70MPH, that engine is really crankin. I have a walker rtadiator, and it cools nice, just I may be able to increase radiator performance a little in the dead of summer If I can slow the water pump down a little. The radiator flows like crazy, even at idle, and I have already taken the high-volume pump off (Chevy 350).

So, If I change only the water pump pully, do I want a bigger pully, or a smaller pully?...

Just lucky I guess

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Just lucky I guess. Man you had to hit that one just right. Better in the wheel than in the windshield. ...

Current Project Dennis Dunn

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Current Project Dennis Dunn. What a great looking truck and Big Blocks are always best. Willie Moore...

1959 Chevy Progress continues

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1959 Chevy Progress continues We are making great progress and rode 25 miles today. We installed the new motor, Transmission, Brakes and Interior. The swedes have been working hard now we are almost done. Willie Moore

Tampa NSRA April 2018

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I know shoud hav taken a lot of pics ...

New use for old Spark Plugs

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New use for old Spark Plugs. How many old spark plugs have you thrown away over the years? I know I have thrown away hundreds and had I know they would work as a drain plug. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Supporting Vendor Classical Gas

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Please Supporting Vendor Classical Gas. They have many cool Street Rods and Muscle cars for sale. Great folks who will make your buying experience a real pleasure. ...

Buick Aluminum Brake Problems

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Guys, I have the Buick aluminum drum setup on my roadster. They never seem to function well. Last year I had to replace the shoes after a lining failure. It has passenger car shoe on it. I seem to have a chatter-ish type noise on one side now, especially on light braking. Full braking has always been marginal at best. My there a different shoe design that I should be running with these drums? The drum diameter seems a bit larger that the stock Ford shoe dia. I bought this car in 05...

Visit our Supporting Vendor Cool Craft

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Please visit our Supporting Vendor Cool Craft

Cool Craft has the widest variety of drop in High Efficiency aluminum and copper/brass radiators. Copper/brass radiators are available in 3 different wind tunnel tested 3 or 4 row core designs; Standard (OEM), High Efficiency and Optima. Both aluminum and copper/brass radiators are available with the Triple Flow option to increase temperature drop an additional 15%. We can also design a custom radiator for your custom ride. Check us out for US Rad...

Welcome our new Supporting Vendor JJs Rods

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Welcome our new Supporting Vendor. Jeff Johnson has been hard at it traveling across the country promoting his products. It is great to see a hard working man following his love and passion of StreetRodding. His products are made of the best quality material and provide a slick/clean look. Banner ads will be up an running in a few days.

Steering Coumn Heat

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The stock GM tilt column outer tubing is used for manual or automatic ! To save them a lot of money ! To fix the air coming in is pretty easy if your using it for manual no shiftier on the column . As you can see in the pics the bottom of the tube has a big hole which is used for shiftier on the column that is no being used. Also there are some small oval holes about 3 off them that also need to be plugged ! Remember to pull the plastic bushing out of the column tube that has a C clip wire ...

Lone Star Round Up 2018

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Lone Star Round Up 2018 only a week away we will be there for the big show. Stop on by ans see us there. Willie Moore...

What happened here

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What happened here?? Some days are just better than others.....

Issues with our Credit Card API

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We are in the process with updating our credit card system. Should be back up and running in the next few days. If you need to place an ad please call me direct at 832 202 5945


Lone Star Round Up 2018 04062018

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Lone Star Round Up 2018 04062018. Getting ready for the show hope to see you there. Willie Moore

New Ride

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New Ride Cowboy Caddy...

Battery Charger

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It seems my chargers will not charge a totally dead battery, only ones that have a few volts left in them, which means I must first jump the dead battery in order to charge it. Any brand out there which eliminates this?...

Teach Someone Today

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Teach Someone Today. Make an effort to share what you know today. ...

Alternator Upgrade Question

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I want to upgrade my 3-wire Chevy alternator to a one wire unit. Was noticing in the new Speedway Motors catalog (pg 202) that they sell a "engine run-on eliminator alt pigtail. One of the bullet points indicates; Special diode prevents engine run-on so you do not have to upgrade to a more modern igntion switch when upgrading to an alternator- plug and play". I never heard of such a thing, and how does this affect the ignition switch (not the key, but the actual switch).? A little backgr...

Low Fuel Warning

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The fuel gauge in my hot rod is a little difficult to see at times, when I’m comfortable in the seat, I can’t see the gauge through the steering wheel. Now with gas stations becoming further and further apart, and after a few of close calls with barely enough fuel left in the tank to get to the next gas station, I decided to build a low fuel warning circuit. As friends and fellow hot rodders discovered my gadgetry, some asked if I could do the same for them. I told them I’d work on a tutorial to...

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