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Need '41 Chevy Coupe Door Glass

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We would appreciate any recommendations on where to purchase door glass for our 1941 Chevy Special Deluxe Coupe. We did have one ordered from Chevs of the 40s but they said they didn't have any in stock.

Thank you,

2020 Frog Follies

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E'ville Iron announced the cancellation of this years Frog Follies on June 9th. More details are available at our website:
Chalk up another win for the Corona - Covid 19 virus
We look forward to having this Pre 49 event in 2021. You didn't miss out on the 46 edition. It's just moved back t
till August 27-28-29, 2021....


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I know the virus has averthing all screwed up,BUT if bowling green hotrod renunion is held is anyone going I am. Just like to know if any greybeards are planning on going.


1936 Dodge

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I have the opportunity to buy a 1936 Dodge Rumble seat Coupe. The guy did a complete resto years ago but it is in great shape with little miles since. He's only selling because he's in his 80's and has no time to drive it. If I get it I will leave it that way for now since my money will be invested in the car. Not what I'm really looking for but it is a sweet looking ride. The styling is right, just not a rod. He thinks the engine and tranny are original so would this do highway speeds? My big q...

36 Ford Steering and nsion

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New to the group. Purchased a 36 Ford 5 window coupe. Trying to identify what suspension and steering parts were installed on it?
Did this year group have I beam front suspension or independent suspension? The steering arm has 3863468 GM 15 stamped on it. I assume this is the part number. Have done extensive research and cannot locate it. Was hoping to reverse identify it. Part number would give me year, make and model. Front brake cylinder part number is 5465805 7/8 Delco Moraine. Tryi...

shifter boot

  Views: 101   Comments: 2

Finally A small shifter boot that works ! I've been told that my brake boot works as a shifter boot but till now didn't know ! Well it's true and it works GREAT ! On the picture this is on Automatic transmission only as there is not a lot of throw with the automatic! if that makes sense. The brand that was used was Lokar. ...

Flea market find

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I found this windshield visor today, it has a complete center bracket but not complete for the sides. The only markings on it is on the center bracket it has C B A on one side and A B C on the other....

NSRA Nationals to go on

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The 51st NSRA Street Rod Nationals are going on as scheduled August 6-9 in Louisville, . They’ve extended the pre-registration deadline to June 28th. The NSRA’s Facebook announcement stated some changes will be made to the registration area like opening up stairways to the registration area and limiting the number of people on the elevators at registration. Can’t wait to hit the road to Louisville. Other NSRA events have been rescheduled. I hope Kalamazoo will still happen. ...

Goodguys car show is on at Des Moines July 3-5 20

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at goodguys site under covid19 updates. We guess Columbus ohio not going to be on later..

first one we have heard of.... we thought it was not going to happen because they cancelled the iowa state fair weeks later in aug at the same location.


Working With Safety Glass

  Views: 99   Comments: 4

i'm going off and make an attempt at cutting some windows for one of my cars. My question is, after its cut and separated, does anyone have a method for sanding the edges? The edges will not be exposed but I'll need to smooth them out to relieve potential stress cracks. I've seen everything from hand sanding, Dremels, to 4 inch sanders (whew). Any input is always appreciated. ...

1941 OLDS

  Views: 114   Comments: 2

Original parts are hard to find even tho it's a complete car. Not much aftermarket parts available as well besides the crappy "fits all applications" category. I'm a owner of a 68 Chevelle for past 34 years and have know knowledge of this 41. I'm not sure where to begin other than the drivetrain. Any thoughts? ...

Tach Wire

  Views: 211   Comments: 5

Need a little help. I can't seem to find the correct wiring diagram on-line.

I put factory style gages on my 67 ElCamino. It had a nice trio under dash gage cluster, from AutoMeter. I took everything off and marked it all. The ElCamino had HEI, and the 57 Ford has conventional ignition. The lead I had marked for the distributor on the HEI, what terminal on the coil does that go to now?

Four wires coming out of the AutoMeter Sport/Comp gage. Red, Black, Green, White. Obviousl...

Vacuum Leak

  Views: 129   Comments: 1

Hello.................I've owned my 36 Chevy Coupe for 24yrs, 350/350.......I replaced my Tripower carbs a few years ago and have recently had some idling/ starting and performance issues. I found 2 vacuum leaks, I kept the original vacuum wipers and found the vacuum hose had disconnected, vacuum advance hose cracked. At the same time my ignition module in a MSD unilite distributer fried, another story. Vacuum leaked fixed, reset timing and now runs and idles like it should, all vacuum lines are...

JJ Rods New Items

  Views: 112   Comments: 1

Visit JJ Rods today. They are busy working new designs in daily.. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

The Gasket

  Views: 215   Comments: 6

The Gasket. I have never seen RTV used for an exhaust gasket. Looks like it may have held up for a while. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

Scootin check it out

  Views: 115   Comments: 1

Mailed ur stickers 2 wks ago got em back wrong address ////// mailed to SPRUCE MT. N E RIO RANCHO NEW MEXICO 87144 what did I do wrong ? JIM 813 230 1755 ph #...

Seniors moment re coilover installation

  Views: 226   Comments: 7

My '37 Ford sits too low and I've adjusted the original coilovers up as far as I can, but really want another inch or a little more. I ended up buying new coilovers that are 1" longer from mounting point to mounting point (at Aldan American's recommendation). When I try to mount the new ones, the bottom mounting hole hangs about 1" too low to install the bottom mounting bolt. I tried jacking up the coilover to compress the spring to allow me to bolt it in, but it just lifts the weight of the car...

1932 bantam project

  Views: 172   Comments: 8

Building a fiberglass bantam project. Looking for a windshield. Any suggestions? Thank you....


  Views: 414   Comments: 11

During this corona down time it would be a good time for the administration to change the way the picture format is on this sight. I am sure I am not the only one here that has trouble loading pictures here. I can put 20 pictures on ebay--craigs list--and market place, Or email them but have a tough time adding more then one on this sight. I think most members here are 50 plus grey beards and don't have the computer knowledge that the teen age group has. If you can't are won't change it give ...

New Firewall Rubber Boot

  Views: 104   Comments: 0

This new Universal Round steering column rubber boot seal fit perfect on this Chevrolet Truck 1963 .Changed out old GM column that was in it was 2-1/2" diameter and left a good size gap around it , So he wanted a tilt in it which is smaller diameter 2" and the truck was already done . Easy fix ! Also I added a lower steering column mount that worked perfect that has a angle already cut on so yo don't have to trim , like the other brands you have to trim , Plus it made out of 304 stainless ...

Shipping scam

  Views: 444   Comments: 22

Trying to buy a streetrod and buyer says car is in trucking warehouse. They say to send money to the trucking company which will hold payment until delivery and inspection.
My question is, is this a scam? I do not want to send any money anywhere until I see the car in person. I am totally willing to have the money ready when the car arrives whether it be cash, M.O., cashiers check, bank check, wire transfer, whatever. I just have a tough time sending money. This is a private sale. I wouldn't be...

Contacting members

  Views: 123   Comments: 0

First off, I suck at computers. I was wondering how to get in contact with other members on this site. I have been on other sites where you can click on a members name and it will give you a couple of prompts, one of which is ti message that person. Any way of doing that here? Seems like it would be easier than writing a whole new discussion, especially to get help finding vehicles. Thanks. ...

Using copper shims as a head gasket

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My build should have zero-decked the heads, but instead I went with a thinner head gasket. Unfortunately this is now leaking coolant. I was wondering if, instead of using a gasket, I instead go with a 0.020 copper shim. This gives me the correct quench (since the pistons are 0.023 below deck).

I was reading that some builders simply use copper gasket spray on a straight copper shim and install it like a regular gasket. Some others use a thin layer of HondaBond RTV.

Some points to note: I...

Titling Information

  Views: 269   Comments: 5

I have a 1966 Mustang project i am about to start. I never received a title with this car when I purchased it about 8 years ago. I am in Florida and my current understanding is that i will need to apply for a bonded title. the restriction says the car must first be inspected and considered road worthy. Which would mean lots of money being put into the project, before even receiving a title. Just wondering if there are any other solutions i can consider first? Thanks ...

New Firewall Seals

  Views: 229   Comments: 3

Well at it again, Fits all Steering Columns from 5/8" to 2 1/2" Diameter. So when you change to a tilt column you will not have a air gap around the steering column plus it finishes off the firewall side makes it look good and it bolts into factory holes ! No more Hot Air coming in around the column ! Or dust ,Fumes etc. ! Making firewall rubber boot seals for 64-67 Chevelle,Mailbu,ElCamino, ,Firebird,GTO manual transmission and automatic that fits ALL steering columns in factory holes Also f...


  Views: 163   Comments: 3

Does any one have an recommendations on how to keep engine heat out of the interior of a hot rod. I already have dyna mat on the interior. Maybe something on the firewall?...

Ignition Spark Red Box-What Does it Do.

  Views: 230   Comments: 4

We have no knowledge of this engine ignition red box. We have only worked with points and HEI from Chevrolet.
I suppose it is there because I don't know if there is enough room for Chevrolet HEI??? Can any one tell us how it works and what we should know about it. Also how trouble free is it? thank you stano41...

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