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Just a Test

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Maybe I can get it right this time? we will see shortly..........

New (to me) rod

  Views: 78   Comments: 4

After owning my '46 Chevy for 45 years it was time for a change. I sold it on July 4th and picked up a '48 Ford Business Coupe. Add gas and drive. ...

Shoebox Central Supporting Vendor

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Welcome to the new Shoebox Central store! Please take time to register your account on the new site for access to Forums and other features.

Shoebox Central will ship parts internationally. Email us at or give us a call at 405-259-9222 and we will ensure you get the best shipping rates possible. Visit their web site today Willie Moore

Thank You

Shoebox Central...

Edlebrock intake and carb combination

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I have a 5.7 (350) with edlebrock aluminum heads, edlebrock 2201 cam, an RPM AirGap square bore intake, mounted with a Edlebrock 1406 carburetor. All in excellent condition.
It struggles to restart after warming/coming to temp, and then sitting for 15 minutes or so. Almost like it is flooded but not.
Edlebrock site does not recommend using a 1406 with the RPM AirGap intakes. In fact it says not to.

So what are your thoughts to eleviate the problem.
A) Change the carburetor to the Thu...

46 Plymouth P15 Special Deluxe Coupe

  Views: 102   Comments: 4

Brought a 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe. Looking for any information on buying parts to build a street rod. Any websites?? Any builder's advice?? Thanks...

Vapor lock

  Views: 134   Comments: 3

Can you run a electric fuel pump before your manual pump? to create more fuel pressure then do i need to change out rubber fuel line?...

Burtonsville Maryland Today

  Views: 109   Comments: 4

80 degrees in Burtonsville today. About 200 cars showed up for the weekly meet!
I'm hoping to load pictures.............and yes, the Batmobile was there!

This is usually the number of cars that actually show up when it doesn't rainor is not too hot....

Scammer email

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Here is a copy of en email several of our members have received about their cars for sale on

One thing you will notice is that the grammar and spelling are not up to speed. From time to time I get these emails from folks looking for me to send them money or accept fake money through pay pal. Buyer beware if you get an email from this guy go ahead and delete it. If it sounds too good to be true it always is. Willie Moore

You have received a new message on StreetRodding.c...

Muscle car failure

  Views: 168   Comments: 1

Muscle car failure. Looks like a bad day for someone. But as always it could have been worse. ...

Chevelle Flower Wagon

  Views: 256   Comments: 2

Chevelle Flower Wagon. Picked up this one a few weeks back. General discussion is that the 1965 wagon was purchased by a coach company in 1965. The coach company turned the cars into a sedan delivery to carry flowers behind the hearse to the grave yard. Only around 250 of these were made. ...

Happy 4th of July Rodders

  Views: 93   Comments: 0

Happy 4th of July Rodders. Another great day here in Texas. Finally we have some rain and it has cooled things off for a few days. A great day to hang in the garage and get a few things done. Then maybe a great meal to end the day. Get out there and have some fun today. Willie Moore...

Alignment 1940 Ford

  Views: 120   Comments: 4

Hi, Scooting here.

Went in to have the 40 aligned by new shop, Big O tires.
On their computer, they pulled up specs for 1940 Ford and swore
that stock number was the correct thing to do.

Now my 40 lost it's I beam axle and wishbones long ago. Currently I have
a Mustang II front end with the strut arms. So my question: What should I
set Camber, Caster, Toe to? They use a lazier Hunter machine and are
working off the rear wheels for a 4 wheel alignment? Is there a rule of thumb
or a ...

Import Question

  Views: 165   Comments: 5

Hey all, I'm looking to import from the Netherlands to the USA for either a street rod or a hot rod, still undecided. Has anyone tried doing the same, and could they tell me how it went and with what company? Thanks!!...

Free country

  Views: 88   Comments: 2

yes it is a free country! yes it is the best place on earth! thank a veteran!

See if you can answer

  Views: 159   Comments: 3

See if you can answer. Greatest country with the greatest people in the world. ...

No E15 in your Classic Ride

  Views: 166   Comments: 2

My car is older than 2001. What should I do?

Don't fill your fuel tank with E15, simple as that. Even though the new fuel is coming to market, the gasoline or E10 you fill your tank with now will still be available. There is a twist, though. At gas stations that use blender pumps (a single spout that dispenses all octanes) you'll have to purchase at least 4 gallons of E10 to insure any E15 in the hose is diluted to safe levels in your fuel tank. Fuel pumps will be required to have a 4-inch-sq...

Pro Street Thursday

  Views: 219   Comments: 1

Pro Street Thursday Nothing like the big tires and the smell of av gas

Willie Moore ...


  Views: 141   Comments: 3

Good morning, Willie
Just tried to load a pic in Dad's Day blog = no luck.
Thanx Jim
I will try in this blog...............

Ford vs Chevy radiator configuration

  Views: 241   Comments: 5

Can someone help my understand this? According to the Speedway catalog, a Ford engine ( I am assuming this means like a 289/302) needs a lower outlet on the left side (drivers side) and a Chevy takes it on the passenger side. However the 289 Ford engine that I am installing has the water pump outlet on the right side (passenger side). Also, a small block Chevy has it on the right side. I ordered a radiator that is said to be the Ford configuration,and it won't work, left side outlet. Should I ha...

Happy Fathers Day 2018

  Views: 96   Comments: 3

Happy Fathers Day 2018 I hope all you fathers are out there having a great day. You have worked hard to get here and deserve to have a great day. Eat a little, Drink a little and just enjoy. Willie Moore ...

Painless Performance Products Since 1990

  Views: 42   Comments: 0

Visit our supporting Vendor Painless Performance Products - Since 1990
Celebrating 28 years as the leading manufacturer of automotive electrical systems, components, & EFI products serving the classic car/truck, off-road, & racing markets.

JJ at it again

  Views: 177   Comments: 3

In between painting doing some fiberglass work on a T- Bucket glassing fiberglass body to plywood floor getting straight on the frame...

Custom Big Block Water Outlet

  Views: 182   Comments: 4

Custom Big Block Water Outlet. Check out the custom filler plate added to the water outlet on this Tall Deck Big Block Chevy. It works....

Making Progress

  Views: 99   Comments: 1

Making Progress Neighbor working on his classic rode Willie Moore ...

Steering Column Heat

  Views: 545   Comments: 6

This has been a problem for years and years !! Finally a simple and easy solution to STOP all the hot air,dust,fumes from coming in the interior !! And one can be installed inside to finish off the interior and STOP the radiation heat warming up the steering column coming up from the engine compartment too ! Takes less than a hour to install !...

Absolute Sheet Metal Video

  Views: 93   Comments: 0

Absolute Sheet Metal Video. Paste the link below Model A firewall replacement. Willie Moore become a member today

Absolute Sheet Metal New Supporting Vendor

  Views: 90   Comments: 1

Absolute Sheet Metal New Supporting Vendor

Great folks check out their web site today

The name may be new to you
but many of the products
produced by Absolute Sheet
Metal, LLC in Chino Valley,
AZ have been around since the
early 1980s with new items being added
to the inventory frequently. Jeff Hill and
his wife Sheryll are the proprietors of
this growing company which opened its
doors in January of 2012. They fabricate
replacement sheet metal for Fords and
Chevrolets from the 1...

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