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Rack and pinon

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Have a 1937 Plymouth 2 dr sedan I purchased last year, I have removed the Mustang II steering rack to replace the input shaft seal.
It seems to be straight forward, remove the bolts that mount the housing to the rack, I have purchased a seal kit, is that easy, or do I need any special tools, any help would be appreciated....

How Do You Tell Ford 33 or 34 Coupe or Sedan

  Views: 164   Comments: 6

How to tell the difference of a Ford 1933 or 1934, In the coupe (3 or 5 window) and the sedans. Is it the grill surround.

thank you stano41...

69 chev c-10

  Views: 2942   Comments: 86

So here goes , I'm the second owner of this bomb. Bought it in California in 2000 when I lived there and brought it out with me . The gentlemen I got it from ordered it brand new with a factory 427 Not the big horsepower but good with p/s,p/b, a/c and factory p/w . I'm sure the purest will scream at me doing what i'm doing, but it's mine and it's RUST FREE TRUCK !! Took off the factory quad carb and intake and replaced with a aluminum manifold powered black and had the trans all reb...

Shop bathroom

  Views: 151   Comments: 7

Built the shop and the bathroom and used it for storage for car parts ! Well I needed some car parts that where in there and the last box that went thru found what I needed ! Now got about 15 boxes out in the shop . Nope, Time to finish the bathroom and here we go ! Found the sale receipts on the tile November 7 2007 . No big hurry right !  Even have Hot water  really can't beleive how nice it is to have !


Florida Streetrodding

  Views: 252   Comments: 6

May want to re-located soon. Had enough shoveling snow and lack of streetrodding in the winter months.
What part of Florida do YOU recommend????...

5th Wheel Parking Vidio

  Views: 59   Comments: 0

5th wheel parking vidio

thank you stano41...

Supporting Vendor Phoenix Transmission Products

  Views: 32   Comments: 0

Supporting Vendor Phoenix Transmission Products

We have two unique and specialized facilities. The first serves our local Weatherford, Texas automatic transmission rebuilding and repair customers. We also do torque converter rebuilding and balancing, clutch repair, flywheel repair and machining, rear axle and differential repair and service, transfer case and 4X4 repair and service, and overdrive conversions on both modern and vintage cars and trucks.

The other is to provide our U.S. and i...

INF0 PARTS need Borg Warner T16 HD 3speed 65-8

  Views: 124   Comments: 2

does anyone know of parts or a place to get repair kit for a 1965-68 borg warner T16 hevey duty 3 speed manual transmission. Can any parts from a borg warner T10 work? Also does anyone know of a T16 overdrive unit.

thank you

Getting the Jeep set V-8

  Views: 1038   Comments: 43

Taking the Jeep all the way down to the ground ! powder coating everything including the body ! Son came over today and pulled engine and stripped the Jeep ! Our son is doing the work as I'm supervsiing !



  Views: 277   Comments: 5

I may be in need of a replacement radiator. I have removed it and am currently awaiting an assessment by a local shop. The car is 1934 Chev, 2 door sedan. I am not sure if the radiator is original or a retro-fab. If I need to replace, what vendors would be likely to be able to supply one or a suitable substitute?

Door hinge direction

  Views: 206   Comments: 4

Hope someone can help. 36 Ford 5 window coupe. Are the top and bottom hinges mounted in the same direction? One piece of each hinge is relatively flat while the other piece has a curve to it. Does the curve side go to the front on each hinge, to the rear on each hinge or are do the alternate - top hinge to the rear, bottom to the front?...

Electric steering conversion

  Views: 236   Comments: 4

I have a 1947 Desoto that I am thinking about putting an electric power steering conversion kit in. Has anyone done this to a car similar to this? Or any car for that matter, If so how does it work and was the installation difficult? It would seem to be easier than going the rack and pinion route. There are several universal kits available for around $1300. Thanks for any input.


Door and sill repairs and adjustment

  Views: 133   Comments: 2

Any suggestions or recommendations on repairing rusted door bottoms, rusted door sills and installation/adjustment of doors? 36 Ford 5 window coupe. Door bottoms and sills rusted out. Purchased EMS door bottom repair panels. WOrking on installing them (ametureer job) biggest challenge I think will be repairng sillls and then installing doors and aligning them since factory specs are totally useless now. Thanks...

Best area for year round streetrodding

  Views: 272   Comments: 9

Please enter where you believe is the best part of the country to live with year round streetrodding. (Excluding California)
Looking for a better area than the North East.

A bad day could have been worse

  Views: 203   Comments: 2

A bad day could have been worse. All that work and then the hood comes up while rolling down the highway. At least it did not break the glass. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

Supporting Vendor Vintage Air

  Views: 112   Comments: 1

Supporting Vendor Vintage Air . Please visit Vintage Air for all you Air Conditioning needs. They are adding new products almost daily. ...

New Supporting Vendor Rust Bullet

  Views: 79   Comments: 0

According to extensive independent scientific testing, Rust Bullet® is the most effective, longest lasting, easiest to use rust/corrosion-control product on the market. Rust Bullet Automotive Formula has been awarded two United States Patents for its advanced technologies, providing phenomenal adhesion and superior protection. It is UV resistant and won’t fade, crack, or peel. Use for all your automotive applications including undercarriages, frames, floor pans, rocker panels, suspension, and mo...

Remove 36 Ford door handle

  Views: 95   Comments: 0

Have a 36 Ford 5 window coupe. Trying to figure out how to seperate the outer door handle form the inner door handle mechanism. Removed the two outer screws but can't figure out how to disconnect the square shank that goes thru the door from the outer handle to the inner mechanism. Would appreciate any advice. ...

Raised Spindles

  Views: 703   Comments: 15

The front end of my '38 Chevy half ton sits too low after installing a Heidts Mustang II IFS. Heidts told me they have no plans to build raised spindles. Looking for info on marrying Fat Man lower control arms and raised spindles to a Heidts IFS. ...

Disc brake conversion on rear

  Views: 268   Comments: 10

I have a 34 glass car , frame was built by a local shop, very reputable shop, disc in front drum in rear stops ok but not great, I have owned and driven 20 yrs. called shop guy few weeks back to ask if he thought putting disc on rear would give me better brakes ? He said I was wasting my time and money converting to disc on rear that the drum rear were as good. My question is anyone else converted rear drums to disc and were you satisfied or not with the swap? thanks in advance, Bob...

Web Site Upgrade

  Views: 145   Comments: 4

Web Site Upgrade. As we move forward it is once again time that we made a few changes to the site Streetrodding. The new platform will be much better than the old and much easier for changes to be made. Please submit any and all ideas on what you as our valued members would like to see changed on the site. I am working on making the photo upload easier.

Thanks Willie Moore Streetrodding

Stay tuned for more as we progress. ...


  Views: 136   Comments: 5

If you wish to buy a used car but do not know where to begin, then the internet might be a good choice. One of the main reasons being the fact that pandemic has blocked the usual way of doing business. Moreover, you can find good options like I did when I bought Honda accord VTech in Japan from Auto For Trade. The key is to make sure you find something within your vicinity and buy from the seller once you check the c...

Have you seen this conversion

  Views: 113   Comments: 1

Have you seen this conversion. Not sure if I like it or not. All the comforts will be nice. Willie Moore Streetrodding...

1957 Chevy LT1 Buick roadmaster floor frame swap

  Views: 68   Comments: 0

This is a vidio of a guy taking a 1957 Chevrolet body with no floors or frame and swaping a Buick Roadmaster floor and frame swap with LT1 drive train. You may need to go back to some of the earlier vidios also to see how it is done.

thank you stano...

Bagged Fifty Two Chevy Project BUILD THREAD

  Views: 236   Comments: 32

In this video, I unbox the kit, which includes all of the mounting brackets needed to pair the 1952 Chevy body to the 1992 Chevy S10 frame.


Theiss Motorsports

  Views: 319   Comments: 6

Anyone familiar with Theiss Motorsports in the Houston Texas area? I'm located in Florida and I'm interested on a car they have listed. Thanks, Bob...

Air bag types

  Views: 150   Comments: 3

Would like to hear from anyone who has used rear air suspension. Two different types of bags, sleeve and convoluted. Which is better for a street rod? NO AIR SHOCKS. ...

Best engine for low end torque

  Views: 156   Comments: 3

I'm retired and finally have shop and time to build "my truck". I have a '49 Willys but it may be more of a project than I want to get into. (I'm 71 and can't bend, crawl, etc. like I used to) so I'm not really set on what truck will be -- Willys, 56-59 Chevy or glass Model A.

But I do know I want low end grunt. Grew up driving diesel Poppin Johnnies ( 1200 rpm redline!) and GMC 300 6-cylinder so I'm not happy with high-revving engines.

Yes, I'm looking at Cummins but wondering what gas ...

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