South Carolina Bank Issues

Aug 2, 2018 9:38 PM - 555 Views

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South Carolina Bank Issues. I have bought and sold hundreds of cars all over the us. Most of the time I when I am making a sell the transactions are handled by bank wire. I recently worked a deal with a man in South Carolina. It was a trade deal and he was paying some money to close the deal. He went to his bank and they would not allow him to wire me the money. I have never heard of a bank dictating to a member how they are allowed to spend their money. I called the bank and also had them go to to verify who I was. They still would not let the man send the money. So he went to Wells Fargo in the same town to deposit cash into my account. Wells Fargo would not take the cash. He had to turn the cash into a cashiers check before the bank would take the deposit. I personally would not bank with anyone who was telling me they would not wire money if it was my cash and I wanted to send out. Never heard of such a thing. Have you??

Willie Moore

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