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The year of the Five Window

he year of the Five Window

There are rumblings that 2018 is the Year of the Five-Window, and we like the sound of that looking at Tony Tierney’s Deuce coupe. Inspired by a Keith Weesner illustration, the chopped, all-steel ’32 has been Tony’s long-term project and features chassis work by Henry Richards and a hot smallblock Chevy underneath the hood....

Tips For Longer Battery Life

Check Under the Hood
Before you go shopping, here are a few tips for getting the best battery for your needs.

Be Proactive
Being attentive to your batteries maintenance and mindful when the time for replacement is approaching will ensure you can choose a replacement on your own terms, including properly researching and conveniently scheduling.

Test Batteries Annually
While nearly all of today’s car batteries are maintenance free, we recommend having your battery load tested by a mechani...

Vintage ProLine Billet Aluminum AC Louvers

Vintage Air, the leading manufacturer of complete performance air conditioning systems for classics, trucks, hot rods and street rods, has announced the release of three all-new ProLine Louver designs that each add a unique style to any build. These CNC-machined billet aluminum louvers are drop-in upgrade options for any Vintage Air evaporator system and are a great way to add a personal touch to the look of your interior.

The days of removing your air conditioning system to save horsepower i...

Edelbrock Open House

Kicking things off on Friday, May 4, 2018, Edelbrock will once again be opening the doors of their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility to the public for free shop tours. Participants will get the opportunity to take a guided tour of Edelbrock’s Research & Development, Manufacturing, and Quality Control departments. This is a unique opportunity for automotive enthusiasts to see what it takes to design and manufacture high-quality performance products. Shop tours begin at 10:00 a.m. ...

Minor Maintenance are you doing yours

Changing the oil and oil filter, replacing wiper blades and air filters, and scheduled maintenance top the list of the 10 most common vehicle repairs of 2017.

The top 10 most common vehicle repairs performed by vehicle owners and their trusted repair shops are:

1.Oil/oil filter changed
2.Wiper blades replacement
3.Replace air filter
4.Scheduled maintenance
5.New tires
6.Battery replacement
7.Brake work
8.Antifreeze added
9.Engine tune-up
10.Tire Rotation

Willie Moore StreetRodd...

Letter from a StreetRodding Member

Good morning Willie!

I happen to stumble across the forum this morning while searching for potential power steering upgrades to my otherwise very manual Vega steering box. Very nice forum Sir!

This is kind of a unique experience for me as I had been one of those guys who brought cars back to their “as-built” condition as opposed to “street rodding”.

Several years back… when I was judging formal shows for Buick Club of America… I got stuck with perfectly even final score...

Don't fill up if you see the tanker

If you happen to see a gasoline tanker filling the tanks at your local gas station, come back another day or go to a different station. As the station's underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up sediment. Sediment in your gas can clog fuel filters and fuel injectors, causing poor performance and possibly necessitating repairs.

Not sure I believe this. The pumps have filters not sure it would matter. What do you think??? Willie Moore ...

Slow down and lose the lead foot

Slow down and lose the lead foot

Driving gently may help reduce the wear and tear on your car. This means slowing down for bumps or potholes, taking corners at a reasonable speed and avoiding putting your foot to the floor. Driving hard puts more stress and strain on your car’s components. According to the US Department of Energy, it takes 73 percent more horsepower to cruise at 60 mph, and a whopping 159 percent more at 70 mph, than it does at 50 mph. This means your engine is working that m...

Do Not Trade Too Soon

Don’t trade too soon.

Just a little info if you are thinking of trading in your ride for a new Ride.

The rule of thumb for trading in a car for a new model used to be well before it reached 100,000 miles — car odometers typically registered no more than 99,999 not too long ago! But cars last longer today. Competition among manufacturers, anti corrosion protection and better lubricants are helping to keep many drivers behind the same wheel for 250,000 miles or more....

Tire care tips

Once you buy a set of new tires all these maintenance tips are usually provided at no cost. You just have to go in and wait in line a while. So in the name of saving a few bucks try and take car of those new tires.

This is the most basic thing you can do when caring for your tires, and it really doesn’t require much effort. Tire pressure tends to drop as the cold weather moves in, and properly inflated tires are better at dealing with inclement weather, so make sure you keep an eye on this. ...

Be Gentle on that new Engine for a while

Owning a new car is an exciting experience. After going through the often challenging process of buying one, it's only natural to want to enjoy it by seeing what it can do out on the highway. But it's important to take it easy on a newly manufactured engine -- initially, at least.

The "break-in period" usually refers to car's first 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers). During this time, it's important to keep the throttle in the lower RPM range, but also to vary your driving speed from time to time...

4 Tips for long transmission life

4 Tips for long transmission life

We usually do not think about our car transmissions until we have an problem. Here are a few tips that will prolong the life of your transmission.

1) Service the unit with quality fluids and filters! I usually buy what is on sale when changing the fluid. When buying a new filter just about what the options are at your local parts house.

2) Make sure you have an adequate cooling system for your transmission. There are many aftermarket coolers to chose...

How headers work

How headers work

Headers can provide more than just sending the exhaust to the back. A properly designed header will actually increase the efficiency of the engine, helping to draw more air and fuel into the combustion chamber through a process called scavenging. This process is very similar to a stove pipe or chimney.
Under the right circumstances, the chimney draws air from the room and releases it out the top, this is called drafting. As wind blows across the top of the chimney, a low-pre...

When the market was good

When the market was good. It might just be me but I believe the Street Rodding hobby has changed over the last few years. As we get older I do realize that everything changes. A few years back street rodding was blowing and going. I was able to sell just about any old ride and in a timely manned. Things are a lot slower now than then and sales seem to take a long time to make. What do you think????...

Dode Martin passed away on February 1st 2018 at the age of 93

Everything began in 1925, where Martin was born in La Hambra, California shortly before moving to Fallbrook, CA, where he resided his entire life. A self-taught welder and hot rodder, Martin’s first attempt at speed was a ’28 Chevrolet chassis and driveline with a T-body dropped on, which served duty during his teenage years before he was drafted into WWII while working at Douglas Aircraft, in Long Beach. In 1944, Martin was trained and dropped into the Battle of the Bulge, World War II’s deadli...

Whats hot and whats not Engine Trends

Street Rod/Hot Rod engines? Yeah, right! Defining this particular engine market has been likened to trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. There is an almost endless number of factors that cross engine “styles”’ usage and applications.

It’s no different with hot rods. One hot rodder may want a stock unit just to keep him going while another wants a bullet for her cruising. Still, hot rodders have a semi-defined market, clearly separated from stock, fleet, race and other motor usages.

Any good en...

What do you think

Street rodding is neat because it’s dynamic. Every aspect of this native-born, engine-urged, basic-bodied, four-wheel movement is in a constant state of flux. Yet when one gets down to the basics—having fun with cars—street rodding hasn’t changed all that much. We’re just doing it differently. I would not agree with this statement. Things have changed and will continue to change as we move forward. Just in the last 10 years things have slowed as we move into more of a muscle car era. ...

Cool New Tool only 13 Bucks

Cool New Tool only 13 Bucks
Read/clear error codes, display their meaning, turn off MIL, show current sensor data. Find out why check engine light is on before visiting a Mechanic - save money by fixing simple problems yourself
Support cars: 1996 and newer gasoline vehicles that are OBD2 compliant like Ford, Dodge, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Peugeot, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Mazda, etc. NOT for diesel, hybrid & trucks with 24V voltage
Compatible App and system: work with Android cellphone and tablet. R...

Times have changed

Here we are getting started on a new year. I am glad that we live in a country where we have a right to choose who we want to be and do what we want for the most part. I appreciate the fact that I have access to just about any part that I want or need to make my hot rod perfect in every way. Times have changed and and I am not always sure change is for the best. So with that said I am heading to the garage to do a little work. I suggest you get out there and get started. The clock is ticking. ...

Shoe Box Central Supporting Vendor

Shoe Box Central Supporting Vendor Here we have a disc brake conversion kit sold by shoe box central. Visit our supporting vendor today for all your shoe box needs. Willie Moore ...

Life is a lesson

Life is a lesson

Of course most of you are headed toward improving yourselves. But what most people don’t realize is how unrealistic goals we tend to set. Moreover, the key word here is the goal – you tend to set your mind only on the final outcome. But the journey is what matters the most. What you learn and what you go through are what make you a better person.
For instance, after graduating from college you solemnly make a vow that in five years’ time, you’ll be the embodiment of succes...

MAVAL Celebrates 30TH Anniversary

MAVAL Industries Celebrates 30TH Anniversary

Maval Industries, LLC, a division of Remy Power Products, marks its 30th anniversary this year. Since its founding in 1987, Maval’s unsurpassed design and production of both new and remanufactured steering system components has made it a world leader in the automotive, off-road, performance and specialty vehicle markets.

“We are proud to celebrate 30 years as a premium supplier of unique steering solutions that provide the highest levels of q...

Texas Shuts Down for a few days

Texas Shuts Down for a few days. Wow can you believe it. In Texas we are so used to sun and the warmth of summer that when we do get a slight freeze the Houston Area shuts down. Schools, Banks and many other places are closed. News warning folks to stay indoors. I know if it cold but so many areas deal with this weather daily and life goes on. But what the hell it a good excuse to stay in and catch up on some much needed paperwork. Good luck out there. ...

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing lasts forever and with Erin Moran and Tom Bosley gone, this ’29 pickup will end up outliving the cast.
And now you have a chance to own it. It will cross the block in at Mecum’s Auction in Kissimmee, Florida this weekend. It is estimated to bring $150,000.00.
According to Mecum, “Donny Most, better known perhaps as Ralph Malph in the hit TV series “Happy Days,” was the comedian on the show, always looking to make someone smile or forget their problems.

The show was initially call...

Things to do in a Nuclear Attack

Here are steps you can take in the event of a nuclear strike:

1. Get underground. A basement offers more protection from nuclear fallout particles than a building's first floor. Close windows and fireplace dampers. Turn off heating and cooling units. And the thicker the walls, the better. Dense materials - even books - provide more protection. This helps explain why some people in Hawaii apparently decided to lift manhole covers and climb into the sewers in anticipation of a missile attack.

Things happen in Texas

Things happen in Texas

I feel bad for Cynthia Ruiz. In addition to being a widow, she has now had to bury her son. It’s a horrible thing to lose one of your children, but she did.

However, I can only feel so bad for her. After all, her son brought this on himself.

Ruiz’s son, Andrew Herrera, was shot and killed when he tried to rob a Popeye’s Chicken in Texas. That’s when he came face-to-face with the state’s self-defense laws.

Now, Ruiz has questions.

“Did my son deserve to be...

You should buy one

I picked up one of these a few months back and figured I would pass on some information.

I use this impact for just about everything in the shop. IT is a great drill and screw driver. I bought a property with an old tin covered building on it. I used the impact to remove the ol,d metal and install new. A very good tool to have in your box.

DEWALT · Driver · Cordless · 20 volt · Lithium-ion · 1/4 inch
Features: DEWALT built brushless motor and XR Li-Ion batteries deliver more run time an...

A bad day on the road

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? I know I have. The one thing that I have learned with age is that you may not be able to control the event but you can control your response to the event. Many times my response to the event has been poor to say the least. Next time take a minute and evaluate your response. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Take it for a spin Today

IN my opinion the number one issues with owning a classic car for most folks is the lack of use. So many things get in the way of enjoying our classic on a regular basis. Work, School Family and one million things.

While you might be inclined to safeguard your vintage auto by keeping it locked up in the garage, what’s the fun in that? Getting out on the road and showing off your ride isn’t only a thrill, but it also keeps it running well! Allowing a car to sit around for prolonged periods of...

Take a few minutes and detail it

A detail clean is the cornerstone of good car maintenance. By regularly getting down and dirty and cleaning every nook and cranny of your vehicle you can avoid the damaging buildup of dirt and grime. A dirty car can lead to poor performance, rusted parts, and chipping paint. Make sure to rinse and dry your car thoroughly after washing to remove residual soap scum. You also might want to consider adding a coat of wax to protect it from the elements and keep it looking classy. This will also help ...

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