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Just a minute ago

Just a minute ago. As we fly through life we should take a few photos so we can remember what a minute ago looks like. Willie Moore...

Headed back to KY car shopping

Headed back to KY car shopping. You may be a real rodder if you plan your vacation around a little car shopping. I am headed back to Kentucky and Tennessee for a week and will be searching for a new ride while I am on the road. Anytime you are on a trip there should be a little time to search for a New ride. Willie Moore ...

Just a thought

Kustom Built Cars is fostering the automotive aftermarket restoration industry for the next generation. Learn valuable skills at this Hot Rod Workshop, building a classic/custom car from start to finish. This 5-month workshop gives hands-on training which includes the evaluation of a project, disassembling the car, rust repair, metal work, body work, basic suspension work, basic engine rebuilding, basic welding and fabrication, painting, color sanding, assembly of the car, and electrical wiring....

Keels and Wheels NASA Texas

Keels and Wheels NASA Texas. What a great show. So many cool cars and super cool boats. All of the cars at the show were very top end ad so and there millions of dollars on display. ...

Learn to Build a Classic Car

Learn to Build a Classic Car from start to finish!
Kustom Built Cars is fostering the automotive aftermarket restoration industry for the next generation. Learn valuable skills at this Hot Rod Workshop, building a classic/custom car from start to finish. This 5-month workshop gives hands-on training which includes the evaluation of a project, disassembling the car, rust repair, metal work, body work, basic suspension work, basic engine rebuilding, basic welding and fabrication, painting, color...

Pate Swap Meet 2018

I am getting ready to head out to the Pate Swap Meet 2018 next week. I have been attending this meet for over 20 years and always have a great time. If you are in the Dallas area stop on by and say hello. See you there. ...

R. Lee Ermey Passes

U.S. Marine Corps
In 1961, at age 17, Ermey enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and went through recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego in San Diego, California.[2] For his first few years, he served in the aviation support field before becoming a drill instructor in India Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, where he was assigned from 1965 to 1967.[4]

Ermey then served in Marine Wing Support Group 17 at Marine Corps Air S...

Better Results on Craigslist

Hey All,

There are quite a lot of potentially valuable findings hidden in those daily listings available on your computer. But not everyone knows how to harness the real searching power of this medium when looking for our favorite Shoebox cars and parts. Below is a guide to make searching easier.

Please note that our Forum hosts at Shoebox Central have the know-how and parts to help make that Craigslist find work as it should on your classic. Be sure to give them a ca...

Change with Texas Antique Plates

Change with Texas Antique Plates. In Texas for years the process was seamless for antique plates for your car that was 30 years old or older. When I went in to get my new plates this year the process has changed. The plates are still issues for 5 years but you are no longer able to pick up the plates at the office. The plates now have to be mailed to your home and you will run a paper plate just like the new cars. Once your plates comes in you will then add a sticker to the plate like a trailer ...

What is going on

What is going on?? As we head out to many shows this year it has become clear to me that the older rods are not around as much as they were in the past years. Maybe it is the fact that most of the rodders are in fact old rodders and not able to get out as much as they once were. Maybe it is a true changing of the guard and the old rodders are just not making it out as much as in younger days. What are your thoughts???


Show cost are going up

Show cost are going up
We just got back from the 2018 Lone Star Round Up in Austin Texas. As we participate in these shows it is clear that the cost to attend is going up. I guess the folks running these events are just not making enough money and feel the need to increase what they are making. When we first started attending the round up the initial cost was $50.00 and that included two wrist bands to get it. Now you only get one band. The cost to walk in was $10.00 and now it cost $15.00 to ...

Lone Star Round Up 2018

Lone Star Round Up 2018 . Another great show in the books. The weather was great Friday and pretty damn cold on Saturday. Here are a few photos from the Show. ...

Ford Flat Head Ignition Upgrade

Ford Flat Head Ignition Upgrade

The Ford Flathead V8 is the original Blue Oval hot rod engine. Produced from 1932-1953 in the U.S., this iconic engine is the oldest of the three vintage applications we’re talking about in this article. It still enjoys a healthy aftermarket presence, so it’s not really a surprise that the application is covered by Performance Distributors.
The Ford Flathead still enjoys a healthy aftermarket. The Performance Distributors D.U.I. offers a significant power in...

Component Amp Draw on your Ride

Just in case you are looking to figure out what each component on your classic ride draws here is the chart.

Accessory Amp Draw
Brake lights 3 to 7
Driving lights 4 to 10
Electric cooling fan 8 to 20
Electric fuel pump 10 to 20
Headlights – pair 6 to 20
Ignition system 6 to 11
Instrument lights 3 to 4
Radio 3 to 8
Stereo amplifier 10
Turn signals 4 to 8

Willie Moore ...

Methods to remove Rusted Bolts

We have all hod those times when old rusted bolts just will not come out. Here are the top 10 ways to get them removed.

Methods to remove Rusted Bolts

1. Blunt Impact/Force: This is usually our first step when attempting to loosen stubborn bolts. We always use this method before attempting to remove exhaust studs from a cylinder head. There are a few methods to accomplish this. One is to hit on the head of the bolt in the center with a chisel or punch. Another is use an impact wrench/gun ...

Cam Shaft Information

There are many numbers and terms used when describing a camshaft’s design that must be understood when choosing a cam. It’s good to know exactly how each of these specs affects the engine’s performance, but one of the most important is duration, so pay special attention to that one. Also, look at the recommendations given by the cam companies for our six sample vehicles at the end of this article. Compare how the specs change from one example to the other, ...

GM rear end information

When it comes to Chevrolet rear ends, it’s the 12-bolt that seems to get all the accolades. Rightfully so, because when comparing the 10 and 12-bolt units, it’s definitely the more durable of the two. That’s usually proven when used in high-performance, high-horsepower applications. But for all intents and purposes, the 10-bolt rear end is a great unit for a street/strip car, and can be stout enough to handle even the occasional abuse delivered by use at the racetrack. Here are a few photos to h...

Vintage air Sure fit Series

Vintage Air is owned and operated by experienced street rodders who have been involved in the sport for over thirty years. We offer you the most comprehensive line of high performance air conditioning components available. Every Vintage Air product incorporates the very latest technology available and offers you the greatest efficiency and reliability available. Our goal is to help you cool your specialty vehicle in a more informed way with parts specially designed for street rods, sport trucks ...

Jack Daniels History

Jack Daniels History

There is an interesting picture that hangs in Mr. Jack Daniel’s old office. It’s a picture of Mr. Jack taken with his Distillery crew. What makes the portrait so intriguing is the gentleman sitting immediately to Jack’s right, an African-American worker. Given the time period when this photograph was taken – around the 1900s – and the racial divide that permeated the American South, it’s intriguing to see an African-American man seated beside the proprietor of a busines...

Ignition System Facts

Often times when making upgrades to our hot rods, we forget the importance of a strong, high-performance ignition system. Having one is truly one of the best insurance policies against detonation, misfires, and other ignition gremlins. Upgrading the ignition system in your project car to a race-proven one with components can really prove to be beneficial.
Whether you’re using your project for a street application, or a strip, or even both, anyone can benefit from upgrading these components.

Why Choose Vintage Air

Why Choose Vintage Air

At Vintage Auto Air Conditioning we strive to offer exceptional service.

As a top 10 Vintage Air dealer since 2008, we know we offer superior service to our customers. We have been in the air conditioning business for over 25 years and are here to support you from the start of your project to the finish. No matter what your classic auto air conditioning needs are, we are here to help. Your system will come with an easy to read instruction booklet and parts that are d...

New Features added to StreetRodding

Several New Features added to StreetRodding. We are working to make better and easier to navigate. We have added a new Text feature that allows you to send a text to members that have cars for sale. When you have a forum post and a member comments on your forum post you will receive an email notification. We have added a new multiple photo loader to the system so that when you post in the forum or anywhere else in StreetRodding you will be able to add up to 25 photos. We have a...

The year of the Five Window

he year of the Five Window

There are rumblings that 2018 is the Year of the Five-Window, and we like the sound of that looking at Tony Tierney’s Deuce coupe. Inspired by a Keith Weesner illustration, the chopped, all-steel ’32 has been Tony’s long-term project and features chassis work by Henry Richards and a hot smallblock Chevy underneath the hood....

Tips For Longer Battery Life

Check Under the Hood
Before you go shopping, here are a few tips for getting the best battery for your needs.

Be Proactive
Being attentive to your batteries maintenance and mindful when the time for replacement is approaching will ensure you can choose a replacement on your own terms, including properly researching and conveniently scheduling.

Test Batteries Annually
While nearly all of today’s car batteries are maintenance free, we recommend having your battery load tested by a mechani...

Vintage ProLine Billet Aluminum AC Louvers

Vintage Air, the leading manufacturer of complete performance air conditioning systems for classics, trucks, hot rods and street rods, has announced the release of three all-new ProLine Louver designs that each add a unique style to any build. These CNC-machined billet aluminum louvers are drop-in upgrade options for any Vintage Air evaporator system and are a great way to add a personal touch to the look of your interior.

The days of removing your air conditioning system to save horsepower i...

Edelbrock Open House

Kicking things off on Friday, May 4, 2018, Edelbrock will once again be opening the doors of their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility to the public for free shop tours. Participants will get the opportunity to take a guided tour of Edelbrock’s Research & Development, Manufacturing, and Quality Control departments. This is a unique opportunity for automotive enthusiasts to see what it takes to design and manufacture high-quality performance products. Shop tours begin at 10:00 a.m. ...

Minor Maintenance are you doing yours

Changing the oil and oil filter, replacing wiper blades and air filters, and scheduled maintenance top the list of the 10 most common vehicle repairs of 2017.

The top 10 most common vehicle repairs performed by vehicle owners and their trusted repair shops are:

1.Oil/oil filter changed
2.Wiper blades replacement
3.Replace air filter
4.Scheduled maintenance
5.New tires
6.Battery replacement
7.Brake work
8.Antifreeze added
9.Engine tune-up
10.Tire Rotation

Willie Moore StreetRodd...

Letter from a StreetRodding Member

Good morning Willie!

I happen to stumble across the forum this morning while searching for potential power steering upgrades to my otherwise very manual Vega steering box. Very nice forum Sir!

This is kind of a unique experience for me as I had been one of those guys who brought cars back to their “as-built” condition as opposed to “street rodding”.

Several years back… when I was judging formal shows for Buick Club of America… I got stuck with perfectly even final score...

Don't fill up if you see the tanker

If you happen to see a gasoline tanker filling the tanks at your local gas station, come back another day or go to a different station. As the station's underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up sediment. Sediment in your gas can clog fuel filters and fuel injectors, causing poor performance and possibly necessitating repairs.

Not sure I believe this. The pumps have filters not sure it would matter. What do you think??? Willie Moore ...

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