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  • Flowkooler water pump
    I think I'm going to buy a "Flowkooler" brand water pump for my coupe. Whats the general feeling about this product ? Do they do what they claim? If I'm in stop / go tra... read more
    With carjackings becoming more of a reality and some even at gun point. I decided to re-evaluate the carjacking mode on my hot rod's alarm system. Only to find the carjac... read more


Flame Shooter Rat Rod
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  • SR Honeys Honor the Lady Mechanics
    There's petrol power, there's turbo power and then there's girl power. Will the women mechanics please stand up? More and more women are getting involved in the performan... read more
  • The Muscle Car Era Begins
    The Muscle Car Era Begins Most hard core hot rodders would say that the Muscle car Era started in 1964 with the 1964 GTO. What a great car in so many ways. Skirting a ... read more
  • My First Muscle Car
    My First Muscle Car My First Muscle Car was a Marina Blue 1967 Chevelle SS 396 with a 4 Speed, Bench Seat, No power steering, No Power brakes just all Muscle car. The... read more

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